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How to say. roller coaster. whichever. whatever. wherever. 过山车  不管哪一个  不管什么  不管在哪里  自由落体  东南方的  室内的  室外的  工匠、手艺人  旧式的  蒸汽引擎的  马背  世界闻名的 . southeastern. free-fall. indoor. outdoor. craftsman. old-fashioned. steam-engine. horseback. world-famous. Compound words: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • How to sayroller coasterwhicheverwhateverfree-fallwhereversoutheasternindooroutdoorcraftsmanold-fashionedsteam-engineworld-famoushorsebackCompound words:A word that consists either of two or more elements that are independent words, or of specially modified combining forms of words.

  • Word formation()Compounding (made from two words)two separate words: bus stop; roller coasterone word: whichever; southeastern; indoorwords joined by a hyphen: world-famous; free-fallDerivation (formed by using prefix/ suffix added to a root)prefix: misunderstand; dislike suffix: amusement; tourism; attraction; magicalConversion (changing from one part of speech to another without changing the form)v.n. : visit sp pay a visit to spn.v.: hand in hand; hand in sthadj.v.: Her room is clean; She cleans her room

  • Types of common compound words:n. +n./adv. =n.: blackboard; playgroundn./ v. +adv. =n.: passer-by; grown-upadj./adv. +participle=adj.:newly-built; good-looking; hard-workingadj./adv. +v.=v.:broadcast; whitewash; overthrowadj./adv. +adv.=adv.: whenever; however; somewherepron./adj. +n.=pron.: himself; something; anythingprep. +prep./adv./n.=prep.: without; within; into; inside

  • n. +adv. a passer-bypassers-byv. +adv. a grown-upgrown-upsn. +n. a girl friendgirl friendsa coffee cupcoffee cupsman (woman)+n.women doctorsmen-servantsa five-year-old boysHe found that a lot of ____ were ____.A. passers-by; grown-upsB. passers-bys; growns-upC. passers-bys; grown-upsD. passers-by; growns-upHe was filled with envy at his ____ wealth. He decided to go down south to seek his fortune.A. brother-in-lawsB. brothers-in-lawC. brother-in-lawD. brothers-in-law

  • Types of common conversion:v.--n.: taste; It tastes good.It has a good taste.n.--v.: hand; shadeLets go hand in hand.Please hand in your exercise books after class.She is sitting in the shade of a big tree.She shaded her eyes against the sun.adj.--v.: clean;Her room is clean and tidy.She cleans her room every day.

    Word formation()The wheat field is very dry and needs watering.The water in the lake has been polluted by the chemical factory.

  • Sometimes there is a change in pronunciation: The use of too much chemical fertilizer leads to serious problems. May I use your pencil? She gave a very special present for my birthday. Large classes present great problems to many teachers. Horses were the only means of transport in those days. The goods were transported to Beijing. She is hoping for a wage increase. The population has increased greatly.n. [ju:s]v. [ju:z]n. []n. []v. []v. []n. [n]v. [n]

  • Word formation()Types of derivation: prefix: a-; dis-; un-; in-; im-; -ir; non-; re-; en-; multi-; tele-; kilo-; suffix: -able/-ible; -al; -an; -er; -or; -ess; -ese; -ist; -ian; -ism; -ment; -ness; -tion/-ation; -ship; -fy/-ify; -en; -ern; -ing; -ize/ise; -dom; -th; -teen; -ty; -y; -ish; -ful; -less; -ive; -ly; -ward(s)

  • Word formation()Types of derivation:prefix: dis-; un-; in-; im-; non-; re-; en-; multi-; tele-; kilo-;

    a-+ v.=adj./adv.asleep; aheaddis-+v. disagree; disappearin/-im/-ir + adj. invisible; impossible; irregularun-unlimited; untienon-non-stop; non-smokerre-rebuild; reuseen-enlarge; enable

  • Word formation()Types of derivation:suffix: -able/-ible; -al; -an; -er; -or; -ess; -ese; -ist; -ian; -ism; -ment; -ness; -tion/-ation; -ship; -fy/-ify; -en; -ern; -ing; -ize/ise; -dom; -th; -teen; -ty; -y; -ish; -ful; -less; -ive; -ly; -ward(s)

    -erfarmer; villager-an, -ianAmerican; musician-istartist; journalist-eseChinese; Japanese-mentgovernment; movement-nesshappiness; illness-orvisitor; tractor-tion/-ationaction; suggestion; celebration

  • Word formation()Types of derivation:suffix: -able/-ible; -al; -an; -er; -or; -ess; -ese; -ist; -ian; -ism; -ment; -ness; -tion/-ation; -ship; -fy/-ify; -en; -ern; -ing; -ize/ise; -dom; -th; -teen; -ty; -y; -ish; -ful; -less; -ive; -ly; -ward(s)

    almedical; national-ern southern; northern-ful hopeful; useful-able/-ibleeatable; horrible-lymotherly; daily

  • Word formation()Types of derivation: suffix: -able/-ible; -al; -an; -er; -or; -ess; -ese; -ist; -ian; -ism; -ment; -ness; -tion/-ation; -ship; -fy/-ify; -en; -ern; -ing; -ize/ise; -dom; -th; -teen; -ty; -y; -ish; -ful; -less; -ive; -ly; -ward(s)

    -enshorten; lengthen-fysimplify; beautify-izeapologize; organize-lyhappily; luckily-ward(s)towards; forward

  • Word formation()I. 1. Do you lie _______ (wake) at night, worrying about things?2. It is generally thought that traveling abroad can ________ (rich) ones knowledge.3. Although I _________ (like) him, I pretend to be polite.4. Her children have all been __________(success) in their careers, which makes her proud.5. It would be _________ (polite) to leave the party without saying good-bye to the host.awakeenrichdislikesuccessfulimpolite

  • Word formation()I. 6. The earthquake is the worst _________ (nature) disaster that Japan has experienced. 7. The scenery here is too beautiful. But ____________ (fortunately), my time is limited and Ill have to go home tomorrow.8. There were games, music and dancing for our ____________ (entertain) at the party.9. In doing _________(translate), one shouldnt change the original meaning to suit ones own tastes.10. They quarreled once, but theyre quite _________ (friend) now.naturalunfortunatelyentertainmenttranslationfriendly

  • II. 1. If you dont respect yourself, how can you expect others to show respect to you?2. The color of the suit doesnt suit me well. Could I change it for another?3. We presented some flowers to those scientists present at the meeting.4. I bought several books in a second-handed store and went to the station to book the train ticket.5. The classroom is clean and tidy? Who cleaned it?Word formation()v.n.n.v.v.adj.adj.n.v.v.