How to make an Effective Powerpoint

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How to make an effective PowerPoint Presentation

How to make an effective PowerPoint PresentationBy. Luis VelaWays to make an effective presentationKeep it simple, the less clutter on the slide the betterKeep the text short dont have any paragraphs.

Use different fonts to draw attention

Plan your PowerPoint in advance on paper before going on the computer.Try to avoid Clipart use high quality photos.Planning and photos

Colors and mediaUse different types of colors on slides and try to include any type of media in the presentation.

Keep it short

Each slide should only take you 1-2 minutes long.SummaryKeep it simple, no long sentences.Take about 1-2 minutes on each slide.Use high quality photos.Try to avoid Clip Art.Plan out your Powerpoint on paper before actually creating it.Use different colors to make your presentation unique.Use different fonts for your audience.SourcesRrichar2. (2011), PowerPoint: Presentation Tips, Retrieved from, G. (2014), Top Ten Slide Tips, Retrieved from, D. (2014), 10 Tips for More Effective Powerpoint presentation, Retrieved from