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<ul><li> 1. Create Effective PowerPoint Presentations<br />Kelsey Foote<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Color<br />Use a document theme to keep presentation consistent.<br />Use contrasting colors for ease of viewing.<br />Use color tohighlightkey words.<br /> 3. Images &amp; Animations<br />Too much text can bore your audience.<br />Use pictures or clipart to enhance messages<br />Animations will keep your audiences attention.<br /> 4. Performance<br />You can blank the screen to get audiences attention by hitting B<br />Hit B again to bring PPT up on the screen<br />Add extra blank slides at end of presentation in case you go to far.<br />This will stop the awkward having to restart your presentation.<br /> 5. 10/20/30 Rule<br /> 6. Topics Covered<br />Color<br />Images and Animations<br />Performance<br />10/20/30 Rule<br />Good Luck!<br /> 7. References<br />Kawasaki, G. (2005, December 30). The 10/20/30 rule of powerpoint [Web log message]. Retrieved from<br />Seiber, T. (2009, May 23). Ten powerpoint tips for preparing a professional presentation [Web log message]. Retrieved from<br />Paradi, D. (2005). Ten secrets for using powerpoint effectively. Retrieved from<br /> 8. Safety Slide<br /></p>