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2. SHERRYHARMALINAFARAH HALIDMUHAMMAD AFIQBM1115A 3. What is presentation:-Presentation is the practice of showingand explaining the content of a topic to anaudience or learner. Presentations come innearly as many forms as there are lifesituations. In the business world, there aresales presentations, informational andmotivationalpresentations,firstencounters, interviews, briefings, statusreports, image-building, and trainingsessions. 4. HAVE YOU EVER FACED THIS SITUATION WHEN YOUDO YOUR PRESENTATION? 5. HOW TO DO A GOOD PRESENTATION 6. Mental and Physical Preparation BeforeYour Presentation Practice Write note cards on index cards Feel confident about your presentation. 7. Be EntertainingEye Contact15 Word SummaryDont Read 8. Think about the presentationbeforehand. Do use PowerPoint. Face your audience at all times. Be very clear about how much time youhave. 9. Be very clear about your key message.E-mail your presentation to the eventorganisers in advance.Make copies of your slides available.Ensure that the slides look goodMake appropriate use of pictures. 10. Techniques To Do a GreatPresentationDO write, present and speak in a style, tone andlanguage that your audience understand.DO make sure your presentation has a hook.DONT talk for hours upon hours, you will lose youraudience. Give them regular breaks to keep theminterested. DONT make your presentation too lengthy. Sometimesshort and sweet is better for both parties. 11. DO take some time out to get your audienceinvolved. Remember a successful presentation is a twoway street.DO put your past experiences and knowledge ofpresentations to good use. Remember both negativeand positive areas of presentations, and put your pastexperiences into your presentation to make itawesome.Do remember to summarise your presentation at theend, or provide a summarised handout to youraudience. Summarise all the action points, content andthemes covered. 12. A SUCCESS PRESENTATION : 13. CONCLUSIONThus, to do a good presentation its up tohow the presenter conduct the presentation in effective way.