how you can do good a presentation?

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Here you will find a some tips your presentation!!


  • 1. Tips for do a GOOD presentationCopyright: Suarez Leandro

2. 1.DESIGN Designe, CONTENT and SPEAKER 2.CONTENT3.SPEAKER Copyright: linkados2000Copyright:xLontraxCopyright-. Talk Radio News Service 3. ExapleDESIGNCopyright:chopernawersCopyright:chopernawers 4. Words Words 1 or 2 type of letter 1 or 2 type of fontBig sizeCopyright: dueloaletradoBig size 5. Colors blue, red and greenblue, red and greenUses of Colors to highlight Copyright: Thiago.Martins information blue, red and greenCopyright: Thiago.Martins 6. Using Pictures Picture Same source Use high quality graphics same source , use hight quality graficsCopyright: cruceros.julio 7. TextText 6 sentences and 7 words per sentence.Copyright:James Arboghast 8. The most The Most important important THE contentContent Copyright: Josu_N 9. Message and knowledge clear Organize ideasCopyright: Liam PowerMessage and knowledge clear Ideas organizeCopyright: Liam Power 10. Structuring content StartMiddle Structure: start, middle, end. Copyright-.ISA PEEndCopyright-.ISA PE 11. introduce Message Clear, simple, interesting, reliable Copyright: sinead-marie Menssage clear, simple, interesting, reliable Introduce: Examples and JokesExamples jokesCopyright: sinead-marie 12. Type of presentation:Type of presentation Formal Informal More or Formal less participation of the public Informal Informative More or less participation of the Comercial Cpyright: Alumni La public AdvertisingCopyright-. Talk Radio News Service Cpyright: Alumni La Comercia 13. ConclusionVery focused and simplify sentences Conclusion Very clear and 6 sentences and simplifyCopyright: Frailejon EditoresCopyright: Frailejon Editores 14. SPEAKER Lengague speech Simple vocabularioKeep clear of tecnical 15. Speech languageSimple vocabulary Keep clear of technical termsCpyright:Eli Golosovsky 16. Know your Audience AudienceOlder KidsCopyright: RedustAdult 17. Copyright: Kressie KornisSpeaker Must say hello and say goodbyeCopyright: Kressie KornisSPEAKER must say thank for their attention 18. Tone of speech EmotionCpyright: Joewong038Peacefull Keep calm confidencePeacefull Keep calm ConfidenceCpyright: Joewong038 19. Voice Voice Copyright: kayleigh.kramerUp UpUp and dawn Down DownCopyright: kayleigh.kramer 20. THANK YOUCopyright:Daniel FuentesCopyright:Daniel Fuentes