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  • 1. AGENDA The Importance of Planning & Organization Knowing your Audience Involving your Personality Your Presentation Checklist Handling Questions

2. HOW PLANNING ENABLES YOU TO TELL A STORY 3. INVOVLING YOUR PERSONALITY Presentation style and personal confidence are as important as the actual content of the presentation itself 4. SPEAKING NATURALLY 5. YOUR PRESENTATION CHECKLIST Use images & graphics Minimize text & numbers Contrast between text and background Speak clearly, with confidence and pause when appropriate Vary your tone and be natural in the way you speak Know your material inside out & backwards Engage with your audience Ensure you present to the appropriate time length What is your contingency plan? 6. HANDLING QUESTIONS Anticipate questions and prepare responses; rehearse answers to difficult questions If necessary, offer to obtain additional information follow up Use questions to strengthen your main arguments answer questions candidly but positively link objections to attractive features 7. HANDLING QUESTIONS Do not digress Be honest: if you cant answer a question, say so. Use the last question to summarize


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