How to cook in college

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<ul><li><p>How to cook in college</p></li><li><p>Make sure you have theright utensils</p><p> When I went to college, Ibrought everythingimaginable, zester, grater,juicer, sifterand I usedthem all! If theres anythought in your mind ofusing something, bring it,I promise you, youll useit!</p></li><li><p>Budget,Budget,Budget!</p><p> A budget is a must when cooking in college. Iused about $100 every two weeks on groceries.</p></li><li><p>Groceries</p><p> Planning aheadand making a listis a must. Buythings that lastlike canned goodsand rice.</p></li><li><p>Simple, Easy and Fast!</p><p> Organize yourselfand your day tomake sure youhave time to cookcertain things.</p><p> Eat perishablethings first.</p></li><li><p>Enjoy! Make sure to</p><p>relax and enjoythe food yourecooking!</p><p> Always try andbuy somethingfun at thegrocery store,like ice cream.</p><p> Make groceryshopping a funactivity bygoing out todinner beforeor after.</p></li></ul>