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DESCRIPTION - You’re the kind of person who has always wanted to help others. You are interested in living the best life you can possibly live and you believe that the way to do this is to treat your body right.


How to Start Your Career as a Certified Personal Trainer:

Achieve Your Dream Helping Others Reach Their Fitness Goals!

Youre the kind of person who has always wanted to help others. You are interested in living the best life you can possibly live and you believe that the way to do this is to treat your body right. You have probably always been very passionate about taking care of your body and helping others to take care of theirs. Thats great!

Youll be very excited to know that with a career as a Certified Personal Trainer, you can make a great living while doing exactly what you have already been doing! Helping others reach their fitness goals is a rewarding way to make money doing what you love.

As a Certified Personal Trainer you will have the option to work where you want to work and how you want to work. If you prefer working in an environment in which you are part of an already established team, there are many fitness facilities that you will be qualified to train others in. If your true desire is to own your own business, now or in the future, you will want to choose a program that will provide you with the knowledge to do so.

Knowing the proper exercises to improve body composition, heart condition, and physical performance and health outcomes is only part of your education. In order to advance your career, by owning your own business, you will want to learn about business management and marketing as well.

Wexford Universitys Personal Trainer Certification will provide you with all the necessary components. We offer certification in Anatomy, Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Flexibility, Assessment, Program Design, Exercise Technique, Sports Performance and Conditioning, Safety, and Injury Prevention and Treatment, and Special Populations. These courses will give you the basis that you need to start teaching others how to properly care for and utilize their bodies. You will be certified in training others for many different reasons. Maybe you are already well-versed in traditional fitness exercises but would like to learn more about sports conditioning or other specialty areas. Wexford University will educate you in these areas, expanding your horizons.

Wexford takes the additional steps to prepare you for business ownership by offering two additional courses; Business of Personal Training and Career Strategies and Applications for the Certified Personal Trainer (Entrepreneurship). These courses give you the edge with advanced business and marketing strategies, entrepreneurship and brand building techniques.

One of the great things about Wexford Universitys Professional Training Certification is the freedom it allows you to learn at your own pace. There are no lengthy, boring classes to attend. Wexford offers this certification entirely online! You will learn from the experts through 30 hours of Training Videos, Online Lectures and Online Presentations. You will utilize your textbook as well as the online quizzes to record and ensure your educational progress. After completing the course, you will take an Online Exam in order to receive your Personal Trainer Certification. You will then be well prepared to launch your career as an employed Professional Trainer or even owning your own Professional Training Business.

Enroll now! Its time for you to begin getting paid for your passion!

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