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  • Program Overview


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    Course Introduction:

    Certified Soft Skills Trainer Program will impart you with key skills that are necessary for

    optimizing and setting up your career towards a high growth path as a Soft Skills Trainer.

    Our unique program very skilfully meshes hard-core assessments with interactive and fun

    games and examples carefully designed to enable you to grasp the core of being a Soft Skills


    Certified Soft Skills Trainer Program will help you to deliver outstanding Training regardless

    of the Topic. The content is practical and rich in hands on which are a paradigm shift from the

    traditional methods of training. This program enables the participant to prepare training

    material and to deliver outstanding training sessions regardless of the topic.

    Salient Features

    o Curriculum designed as per International Standards

    o International Accredited and Globally Recognised Certification

    o Expert Trainers and Thought Leaders (IIT, IIM and IISc Alumni)

    o Hands on and Experiential Based Training

    o Membership as Certified Soft Skills Trainer at Pranvis Academy of Training and


    o Dedicated webpage for each of our participant which assures your validation of


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    About Pranvis Academy

    Pranvis Academy of Training and Development, a unit of Anarghyaa ETech Solutions Pvt Ltd

    is based in Bangalore, India.

    Our Services range from: Offering Internationally Accredited and Globally Recognised

    Certification trainings such as:

    Certified Soft Skills Trainer

    Certified Behavioural Skills Trainer

    Certified HR Professional

    Certified NLP Practitioner

    Certified NLP Trainer

    Certified Train the Trainer

    Teachers Training Certification

    Certified Life Coach

    Certified Executive Coach

    Instructional Design Certification

    Personal Branding Expert Certification

    Voice and Accent Certification

    Certified Business English

    Coaching / Consultation Services such as:

    Conducting Training Need Analysis

    Conducting Customized Corporate Training

    Instructional Design Consultancy

    Executive Coaching Session

    Life Coaching Session

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    Our Mission

    Create Exemplary Trainers and Coaches

    Deliver World Class Training and Coaching.

    Inspire, Empower and Transform people with Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes

    Our Vision

    Be the first choice for Training and Development

    Have a dominant share in the training industry for next-gen training solutions

    Bring out the best by Collaborating with students, individuals and Working Professionals

    to be a Peak Performer.

    Be the first choice for Training and Development

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    Who Should Attend this Program?

    Certified Soft Skills Trainer Program is ideal for anyone who

    aspires to be a Professional Trainer or would like to pursue a

    career in the Training Segment.

    The program is suitable for professionals of all levels and

    disciplines and will prepare you to take up a more

    specialist role within the Training domain.

    Learning Objectives

    Identifying and applying the skills as a Professional

    Soft Skills Trainer

    Enhancing Interpersonal Skills

    Prepare participants to foster learning

    Manage and encourage participants of all backgrounds

    and learning styles

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    Course Content

    The Trainers Role

    Identify Skills set of a Trainer

    Handling the Difficult Participant

    Interpersonal Skills

    Understanding Learning:

    The Learning Styles

    Learning Stages

    Andragogy and Pedagogy

    Andragogy V/s Pedagogy

    Principles of learning

    Adult Learning Process

    Training Games

    Training Activities

    Training Games for enhancing learning process

    Preparing Training Material

    Need Analysis

    Designing a Training Material

    Developing Training Material

    Implementing and Conducting effective Training Sessions

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    Presentation Skills

    Four Cornerstones

    Structuring Presentations

    Visual Aids

    Handling Questions

    Communication Skills


    Basics of Communication

    Communication Barriers

    Listening and Questioning

    Styles of Communication

    Body Language

    Personal Space

    Postures and Gestures

    Pacing and Leading

    Matching and Mirroring

    Emotional Intelligence

    The Blueprint

    Emotional Intelligence Test



    Negotiation Skills

    Types of Negotiation


    Key skill of Negotiator

    The Obstacles

    Closing Process

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    Leadership Skill

    Achieving Personal Mastery



    Four Room Apartment


    Types of Thinking

    Effective Feedback

    Stress Management

    Stress Rating

    Relaxation Techniques

    Triple A Approach


    Drainers and Fillers

    Goal Setting

    Personal Vision

    Wish Bowl

    Identifying Goals


    Action Plan

    Time Management


    Three Ps

    4 Matrix




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    Kinds of Behavior

    Learn to Say No

    Self Esteem



    Motivational Theories

    Fear and Desire

    Role of Values


    Applying Skills

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    Registration Process

    Fill in the registration form and make the payment to complete the registration

    process for the training.

    Course Fee: 30,000/- +15% ST

    Course Fee includes:

    Study Material


    Complementary Lunch and


    Course Duration: 5 Days

    Payment Options:

    Pay via Secured Payment Gateway

    Do a Bank Transfer


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