how linkedin uses gamification to improve its business!

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The Gamification of Linkedi

Lessons of Gamification via Linkedin

Alok KejriwalFounder Games2win/Therodinhoods

Gaming and its principles can accelerate your Business 100 X times or more

Consider: The Profile Strength Circle of Linkedin

Tell me seriously:Havent you clicked on this circle to try and maximize it?

Ive been trying for years only to discover that it always remains incomplete

Insight:Profile strength % is a simple game to make YOU add extra ++++++++++ levels of details to your own Linkedin profile.

So that Linkedin can make more money by targeting (selling you better) thanks to the very same data you voluntarily added!

Aha! The Linkedin Ranking %

Insight:Linkedin Ranking is supposed to make you feel competitive (and jealous).

It makes you go out there and get on a connection addition spree so that you move up the rank!

More connections = More Linkedin usage = more revenues to Linkedin via ads and upsell of InMail, etc

Gaming thrives on 3 core human principles

Which can be applied to ANY BUSINESS in the world

Everything you do in your business can become a Game...!

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