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Class 4 of Inbound Marketing UniversitySuccessful Business Uses for Facebook and LinkedIn (GF202) Professor: Elyse Tager, Silicon Valley American Marketing Association


  • 1. Successful Business Uses for Facebookand LinkedIn (GF202) Professor:Elyse Tager ,Silicon Valley AmericanMarketing Association

2. Online and Traditional Media Done Right For Business June 2009 3. Social Media for Business

  • Inbound vs Outbound marketing
  • LinkedIn vs. Facebook different cultures = different objectives
  • Time vs. $$ - its free, but.

4. Get Started

  • Know your audience, be clear about your objective(s)
  • Play with the tools yourself first,
    • Be sure to check out Learning Center for LI, and FB About page
  • Check out groups in various applications and see what they are doing.Learn by emulating
  • Participate in your community
  • Define the outcome and then pick the right tool for the job
  • Start with measurement in mind.

5. Possible Objectives

    • Personal Branding/Career management/job search
      • Branding
      • Establishing thought leadership
      • Gaining knowledge
      • Establishing professional credibility
    • Corporate
      • Customer relations/customer service
      • Crisis management
      • Corporate reputation management
      • Event management
      • Lead generation/promotion/sales
      • Internal communication
      • Issues/advocacy/fundraising
      • PR/Twitpitching

6. Strategy for any objective

  • Connect/Create/Engage

7. Connect

  • Building your connections strategically

8. Create

  • Create content- Each post has the opportunity to either create content, or point to content
    • Link to your website of blog
    • Link to articles/white papers etc of value
    • Link to picture, videos, podcasts
  • Frequency to gain attention/momentum
  • Be of Value in each of the above

9. Engage

  • Post/comment often
  • Pose questions publicly to other members
  • Answer queries
  • The secret sauce for all Social Media is in the engagement.The more you connect, the more will come back to you.

10. LinkedIn

  • Over 41 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world.
  • A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second, and about half of our members are outside the U.S.
  • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.
  • Different levels of participation
    • Personal = free
    • Biz, Biz plus, biz pro= more features, more $

11. LinkedIn

  • What can you do?
    • Homepage-use it
    • Profile importance, add apps, build in keywords
    • Company pages profile and search
    • Build and Maintain a meaningful network
    • Join Groups
    • Ask/answer questions
    • Show up in Service Provider request recommendations
    • Polls

12. LI Home Page

  • News
  • Inbox-control panel for all of your LinkedIn user interactions
  • Network Update -feed displays the latest activity of your connections.
  • Profile views brand management who is viewing you

13. LI Create and optimize your Personal Profile

  • Headline
    • be specific about your location and industry
    • Use headline to attract visitors including search engines
  • Real time updates
    • Similar to Twitter update frequently w/ value/thought leadership
  • This will show up in your connections network updates
  • Add your online places website, blogs etc
    • Edit to name your company or blog more click thrus

14. Profile

  • Summary who are you, what do you do. Elevator pitch, optimize for keywords
  • Education use for connections
  • Interests maybe too personal for biz use you decide
  • Security settings decide how open and visible you want to be
  • Add apps for credibility depth

15. Company Profile

  • Description keywords, elevator pitch
  • Logo
  • Employee info
  • All are searchable w/in LI and outside

16. Company Search

  • Search by name, location, industry
  • Browse industries
  • Companies in your network

17. Building your Network

  • Aggregate all databases
  • Upload from Outlook, ACT, GMail, AOL etc and invite all
  • Search your connections connection
  • Let LinkedIn suggest connections
  • Search for your old contacts, school mates, work-mates
  • Peruse members of relevant groups
  • Quality and relevance trumps quantity

18. Groups

  • Can search for groups by category
  • Join strategically up to 50.Seek common interest, experience, affiliation, and goals
  • Check your connections to see what groups they have joined
  • Use to find new connections, ask for help, pose questions, find resource, solve problems

19. Ask/Answer Questions

  • Ask/answer questions to get or give answers from your network and others outside
  • Can showcase your knowledge, expertise, and interests by answering questions
  • Questions will be listed on your profile good branding.
  • Answers will show up on your network update
  • When answering you may be chosen as expert adds more credibility
  • Dont over use for self-promotion sounds like spam

20. Service Provider

  • Built from recommendations ask for these frequently using request recommendation function
  • Use to find providers or be one

21. Polls

  • New feature
  • Can only ask one question
  • Can send to your contacts or to larger audience (for a fee)
  • Jury is out


  • 20 million active users
  • 100 million users log on daily
  • 600K new users daily
  • 3 rdmost trafficked website
  • Fastest growing demographic = age 35+
  • More than 4 million people become fans of pages daily

23. FB - Getting started biz vs. personal accounts

  • Start by building a personal profile
    • Basic info
    • Personal profile
    • Contact info
    • Education

24. Personal Profile Account Settings 25. Personal Profile Privacy Settings

  • Control who can see how much of your profile
  • Who can search for you and how much they can see
  • Control what of your activity is visible on your wall and newsfeed

26. Personal Profile - Friends

  • Connect with Friends
    • Use networks and groups to find
    • Invite friends function
    • Find friend function
  • Think strategically about why you are connecting

27. FB for biz

  • Page
  • Group
  • Events
  • Ads
  • Metrics

28. Create your page 29. Biz Page 30. Edit Page 31. Biz Page Tips

  • Be sure to sign up as your first fan
  • Have 2 admins in case one disappears
  • Update frequently
  • Add FB page to your email address promote shamelessly, FB badge on blog
  • Create a beefy page videos, blog posts, discussions, photos

32. Facebook Group

  • Must be a member to view
  • Internal w/in FB
  • Search engines will not find
  • May want to create both

33. Events 34. Facebook Ads 35. Step 1 Create Ad 36. Step 2 - Targeting

  • Target Your Audience By:
    • Location
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Key