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  • 1. The Little Red HenBy :Hayden Norris

2. One morning on a farm as the sun had just risen, a li9le red hen was walking. The hen stepped on something . She looked down and saw a piece of wheat . The li9le red hen said, Whos going to help me plant this grain of wheat ? Not me. meowed the cat. No way, ho jose, barked the dog. I aint going to do it. oinked the pig. Dont look at me Im not going to do it, gobbled the turkey. 3. Then I will announced the li9le red hen. O she went and planted the wheat . The next morning she woke up and found the wheat . It had grown one foot . In about two weeks the the wheat had grown four feet tall . 4. She took all the wheat and asked Whos going to help me take this to the mill. u9ered the hen. Sorry, said the dog, Its my break. Busy called the cat. Hey, wheres the turkey? oinked the pig. Ill do it then sighed the li9le red hen. Then she went to the mill. 5. When she got there she found turkey. When turkey saw hen he screamed and shot out the door. She pretended like he never saw it. She grinded the wheat and cared the heavy sack of our back to farm. 6. When she got back to the farm. She was about to ask whos going to get the ingredients with me to make bread. I will blurted out turkey. He then dropped the ingredients right in front of her. Then he just leM. She went inside and made dough and put it in the oven . When it was done she took it out. In about a minute they were huddled around bread 7. And sning the air. The li9le red hen asked Whos going to eat this bread with me? They all yelled.