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  • 1. The Lile Red Hen By Will McLaurine

2. One day a lile red hen found some wheat seedlings and said, Who is going help me plant some wheat. Not I, barked the dog. Not I, yawned the cat. I wish but I got um car trouble, quacked the duck. I need to take a bath, snorted the pig. Oh well Ill do it my self, clucked the hen. So she did and needed taking it to the mill. She asked who is going to help take this wheat to the mill. Im going to the bathroom, whined the dog. hungry, exclaimed the cat 3. Im going to the moon, yelled the duck. Im making a mud pie, ordered the pig. Ill do it my self, clucked the hen. So she did. Then she needed help baking it and she got the replise again. When it was cooking the dog, cat, duck and pig snuggle next to the oven. When it was done Lile Red Hen came in the kitchen they all wanted to eat the bread the hen said No. The End


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