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This presentation is based on a popular Russian folktale, The Little Red Hen. It focuses on how to delegate effectively to share the responsibilities of leading a coalition or nonprofit organization.


  • 1. STOP BEING A LITTLE RED HEN . . . and Learn to Delegate Effectively! Fran Butterfoss, PhD Coalitions Work

2. You remember the Little Golden Book based on a Russian folk tale 3. . . . none of them volunteer ! The little red hen finds a grain of wheat . . . . . . she asks the farmyard animals to help her plant It . . . 4. Again and again, the hen asks for help . . . to harvest the wheat 5. . . . to mill it into flour 6. . . . to bake the flour into bread 7. But they said . . . Not I ! Not I ! Not I ! 8. Finally, the hen completes her tasks . . . Who will help me eat the bread?, she asks? 9. They all said . . . I Will ! I Will ! I Will ! 10. But she said . . . No! You didnt help me when I asked you. So, I shall eat it myself. And she did! 11. The moral of the story? Those who show no willingness to contribute to a product do not deserve to share it 12. So, the question is, as a coalition leader . . . Are You a Little Red Hen? 13. Do you take on work to make sure it gets done. . . . . . and end up feeling stressed or overwhelmed ? 14. But then, as hard as you work . . . . . . do people expect more & more from you? 15. As a result, do you neglect other important work . . . . . . Which makes you feel that youre letting your members or your community down? 16. In other words . . . . . . do you feel that no matter how hard you work, theres always more to do? 17. Then , perhaps its time to stop being the little red hen . . . and get others to help your coalition or organization reach its goals 18. The art of entrusting tasks or responsibilities to others Delegation 19. Delegation Allows you to work on high priority tasks Empowers others to work on meaningful, stimulating tasks 20. When is Delegation Appropriate? It provides a growth opportunity or builds anothers skills The task is one that someone other than you can do 21. When is Delegation Appropriate? Its a recurring task You have the time to train, support, check progress & rework, if needed 22. Who Do You Delegate To? One who has the knowledge, skills and experience for the delegated task One who has the level of independence, goals and interests for the proposed task 23. Who Do You Delegate To? One whose other responsibilities will not be affected by this delegated task One who has space in his/her current workload to do it 24. Delegate Effectively #1 Emphasize Results Focus on what is accomplished Allow people to control their own methods to build trust 25. Delegate Effectively #2 Identify Constraints and Boundaries Discuss the lines of authority, responsibility and accountability? 26. Delegate Effectively Empower them to decide what tasks are to be delegated to them and when #3 Include People in the Delegation Process 27. Delegate Effectively #4 Match the Amount of Responsibility with the Amount of Authority Dont delegate away ultimate accountability 28. Delegate Effectively Practice ongoing communication and monitoring Provide resources and credit #5 Provide Adequate Support 29. Delegate Effectively Dont let responsibility for the task shift back to you #6 Avoid upward delegation 30. Discuss how success will impact financial rewards, future opportunities, and other desired benefits Provide recognition when deserved #7 Build Motivation and Commitment Delegate Effectively 31. Delegate Effectively Provide a timeline and deadlines Agree on schedule of checkpoints for reviewing progress #8 Establish and Maintain Control 32. If You Delegate Well . . . You will build a strong, successful team You will build a coalition that achieves results and You will no longer have to be the little red hen Mind Tools. (2014). Successful Delgation.