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  1. 1. The Little Red HenBy: Brantley DeWi.
  2. 2. Li.le Red Hen found a s7ck of wheat he asked his friends if they could help the Li.le Red Hen take it to the mill. The dog shouted , No way! The cat exclaimed ,No, in snooty voice. The duck added , Nah, thats lame.
  3. 3. So, the Li.le Red Hen had to walk all the way up to the mill to get the wheat grinded to make bread . So the Li.le Red walked back to her kitchen to make the bread she asked her friends to help, they said this. The dog woofed, nada. The cat meowed , no . The duck quacked , nah, thats not cool.
  4. 4. The li.le Red Hen had to make the bread all by her self. Then when the Li.le Red Hen said , who wants bread? Everybody wanted the bread. But they refused to help so they didnt get any bread.