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  • 1. The LittleRed HenBy: Lane Montgomery

2. Way out west there was a farm. On that farm there was a duck named Waddles , a horse named Dolly , a bunny named Brownie , a dog named Spot , and a liAle red hen named Cluck. One day there was a liAle wheat seed on the ground. Cluck picked it up. Cluck announced, I am going to plant this seed. Cluck sighed, But I am so 3. small. Cluck quesGoned, How can I do it? I will help, exclaimed Spot. Wait! I have to go on my walk. Sorry Cluck, groaned Spot. Waddles , Brownie , Dolly will you help me? quesGoned Cluck. Sorry , I am going to be ridden in ve minutes, whinnied Dolly. 4. Sorry, but I was just about to hop into town, reported Brownie. I will, volunteered Waddles. Cluck and Waddles worked really hard all by themselves unGl Spot came back and barked, Wow! You are working so hard so I will help you! 5. Brownie hopped up and reckoned, we should make bread and if we do I will help! Then Dolly came along and neighed, I will help! So Waddles, Brownie and Spot harvested the wheat. Then put the wheat in a wagon and Dolly towed the wagon threw the elds, past the pond, and by the farmers house and nally reached the hen coop where Cluck was waiGng in her kitchen. 6. Cluck took the wheat and closed the door and two hours later came out with the bread. The ve friends ate all of the bread. Brownie quesGoned, Guys I went in town bought some carrot seeds. Will somebody help help 7. Brownie fell asleep and if she would wake up she would see all her friends asleep.