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  • 1. Once upon a time, in a town like this..??????

2. VKV lungies proprietor was not amused with thedrop in sales..Sales are dropping Brand is fading 3. His nemesis Lungi Ali the shrewd marketer.. Yehaa VKV, yourbranding wont workagainst me! I have a better framework!! Hitmannnn!!!!!!! 4. P-A-M-BPresents 5. HITMAN a.k.a KalimuthuVKV! Im on a top secret mission in the jungles of Kottayam. with my latest weapon innovation 6. Hitman you gotta help me else Lungi Ali will finish VKV Lungies just like other clubs at IIMB!!Finish Lungi Ali and Ill sponsor a Euro trip for u 7. Eurotrip???!!Wow!! My secret fantasies 8. But gotta finish this mission!!Dr. Jeff wants brains of dirtylooking dogs (DLDs) for hissecret cosmetics 9. Flashback. Don Padayappa had spotted DLDsat IIMB but. Dr. Jeff! Give the contract to me I have all the equipments to catch DLDs from bow-arrow to most advanced chemical weapons 10. Dr. Jeff had promised hotdog but Euro trip Vs.Next flight to Bangalore 11. Meanwhile at IIMBLungi Ali hatches his grand plans todominate lungi market with thehideous Pavanayi!! 12. But escaping fromHitman??Hitman takes aim atLungi Ali with hisultra-modernstealth weapon 13. But wait!!! Look who washit!! 14. And the saga of Kalimuthu and the his league ofextraordinary jungle men continues. 15. DATE : 03-01-2012TIME : 00:00