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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>RealKarwaEvery childs first words would be mama or papa or maaa.. But this childs first words are .</p> <p>TATA.. NANOAfter Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis, Here Comes Karwas</p> <p>Visionary Karwa</p> <p>Geeky Karwa</p> <p>Rangoli Karwa</p> <p>Biker KarwaPoster bana diya? Clubs that applied to him FII, Culcom, Vikasana &amp; Tejas He Chose FII, Vikasana and TejasMulti-linguist : English, Hindi, Nepali, sdfaoosd, &amp;$&amp;^%$@</p> <p>Logo bana bey jaldiLogo cheyi ra reyPainting kab karega?T-shirt design hogaya?</p> <p>His Way of Doing RG 1</p> <p>Mein toh kaise bhi Day 2 place hona wala hoonBefore Summer Placements:</p> <p>Got Placed on Day Zero in LandmarkAfter Summer Placements:His Way of Doing RG 2</p> <p>Finance padado yaar, kuch nahi aata, Fail ho jaawunga Before Exam :</p> <p>Finance Subject: GPA 3.5/4After Exam :IN Class 1:</p> <p>Professor to Students: Can anyone of you, give an example of most successful Car??</p> <p>Sir, TATA NANO</p> <p>Everyones look in the classIN Class 2:</p> <p>Professor to Students: Can anyone of you, tell why Coke and Pepsi are Successfull ??</p> <p>Sir, Because TATAs didnt enter the cola marketProfessor to Students: Can anyone of you, %&amp;$$(&amp;(&amp;^#())&amp;&amp;??Sir, When I worked in TATA, &amp;(%*^.., JAI NaNOHis Way to check compatibility with girlsDoes Projects, Competition case studies with all beautiful girls</p> <p>His future Check list</p> <p>When will my chance come???</p> <p>TERM 5TERM 5No Comments Section</p> <p>His Reason for Going ExchangeThere are 3 places in the world where prostitution is legal-Thailand (for low budget people) Amsterdam (mid-segment) Las Vegas(Premium segment)</p> <p>Karwa The Man who won over sleep</p> <p>Difference b/w kumbhkaran &amp; Karwa?Kumbhkaran can continuously sleep for six months &amp;Karwa can stay awake for six months</p> <p>Karwas mobile does not have a voice recorder?Guess y?Bcoz his neurons r so strong dat he directly records lectures in his brainA normal human being can use only 7% of his brainsscientists are still figuring out about the components about karwas brain whose efficiency is 100% managing 3 clubs and simultaneously excelling in studies..think beyond imaginationsAamir khans Reaction:</p> <p>AAmir khan says that, run after knowledge, success will follow you. But karwa says that, run after supply chain and success will follow you..</p> <p>Karwa dhaaga passion ka maat thodo chatkay,Tute to phir nah jude jude globe ban jayeRahiman dhaga prem ka mat todo chatkaaytode se fir naa jude jude gaanth pad jaay.</p> <p>Then to salsa muskil hai No, I dont think so Do you think nano is the best car ? </p> <p>Will you salsa with me ??!!! </p> <p>After Elections !!! </p> <p> Exchange Bid Round1Dare</p> <p>I, Double Dare, you to hoosh me tonight at A-base</p>