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RealKarwaEvery childs first words would be mama or papa or maaa.. But this childs first words are .

TATA.. NANOAfter Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis, Here Comes Karwas

Visionary Karwa

Geeky Karwa

Rangoli Karwa

Biker KarwaPoster bana diya? Clubs that applied to him FII, Culcom, Vikasana & Tejas He Chose FII, Vikasana and TejasMulti-linguist : English, Hindi, Nepali, sdfaoosd, &$&^%$@

Logo bana bey jaldiLogo cheyi ra reyPainting kab karega?T-shirt design hogaya?

His Way of Doing RG 1

Mein toh kaise bhi Day 2 place hona wala hoonBefore Summer Placements:

Got Placed on Day Zero in LandmarkAfter Summer Placements:His Way of Doing RG 2

Finance padado yaar, kuch nahi aata, Fail ho jaawunga Before Exam :

Finance Subject: GPA 3.5/4After Exam :IN Class 1:

Professor to Students: Can anyone of you, give an example of most successful Car??


Everyones look in the classIN Class 2:

Professor to Students: Can anyone of you, tell why Coke and Pepsi are Successfull ??

Sir, Because TATAs didnt enter the cola marketProfessor to Students: Can anyone of you, %&$$(&(&^#())&&??Sir, When I worked in TATA, &(%*^.., JAI NaNOHis Way to check compatibility with girlsDoes Projects, Competition case studies with all beautiful girls

His future Check list

When will my chance come???

TERM 5TERM 5No Comments Section

His Reason for Going ExchangeThere are 3 places in the world where prostitution is legal-Thailand (for low budget people) Amsterdam (mid-segment) Las Vegas(Premium segment)

Karwa The Man who won over sleep

Difference b/w kumbhkaran & Karwa?Kumbhkaran can continuously sleep for six months &Karwa can stay awake for six months

Karwas mobile does not have a voice recorder?Guess y?Bcoz his neurons r so strong dat he directly records lectures in his brainA normal human being can use only 7% of his brainsscientists are still figuring out about the components about karwas brain whose efficiency is 100% managing 3 clubs and simultaneously excelling in studies..think beyond imaginationsAamir khans Reaction:

AAmir khan says that, run after knowledge, success will follow you. But karwa says that, run after supply chain and success will follow you..

Karwa dhaaga passion ka maat thodo chatkay,Tute to phir nah jude jude globe ban jayeRahiman dhaga prem ka mat todo chatkaaytode se fir naa jude jude gaanth pad jaay.

Then to salsa muskil hai No, I dont think so Do you think nano is the best car ?

Will you salsa with me ??!!!

After Elections !!!

Exchange Bid Round1Dare

I, Double Dare, you to hoosh me tonight at A-base