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Ashwin's Birthday PPT


  • 1. Meet Ashwin FRISBEE Ravikumar

2. Welcome to Ravikumars world 3. Yo Ashwin so old that he travels in Eurail first class Yo Ashwin so old that when he was in school there was no history class Yo Ashwin so old, he used to baby-sit Yoda. Yo Ashwin so old, his memory is in black and white Yo Ashwin so old that he knew Gandalf before he had a beard BUT ashie.dashie@... is STILL YOUNG AT HEART Ashwin Ya man, we really dont know how old you are! 4. Mere Dad Ki Maruti The only thing older than Ashwins Maruti is Ashwin himself :P 5. Ashwins telephone manners INCOMING CALLS RING RING RING RING RING RING TELL. OUTGOING CALLS RING RING RING RING RING RING LISTEN. 6. Intelligent People Jokes Ya, man. Mahadev made a sur-real drawing, so hes going to go and tell the prof Sir, real Ya, man. Lets go to Tiwaris Pure Ghee Paratha. So well be PGPs whore going to P-G-P Ya, man. If you run an image search for pretty people, would it then be called go Ya, man. Once you get braces, youre a perpetuity for the dentist. Proper cash flow divided by r Ya, man. Mark cooks so well. He should start his own joint. Mark and Eat Ya, man. No chap-pals in my room. Only gal-pals Ya, man. If you feel like x in normal life, after watching this movie, youll feel like x complement 7. Metamorphosis of Ravikumar 8. Proud occupant of A-218 (Now declared unliveable) Naveen: Man, you dropped your iPad Ashwin: No man, I keep it there 9. Ever since I started playing ultimate frisbee, I am getting attracted to other men.. Man, will you play ULTIMATE Frisbee? FAVORITE SUPERHERO IDEAL GIRL ROLE MODEL 10. Ya man, I can draw well CARTS & Ravikumar 11. Ashwins Calender Shoot Q 1 Q 2 Q 4 Q 3 12. But still.. A Super-enthuOmnipresent Super stud 13. Happy Birthday Ashwin! To know more: