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1Katwa Club PresidentProbable DML to Katwa DML: Strategy& InsightsLife Pre Strategy&Life Post Strategy&Life@ExchangeConclusions and RecommendationsAgenda of todays Presentation

2Katwa Club President: An analysisOne week of Club Selections with a steady exposure toPGP2 Engagement and Internal Asset Creation

Yes! Ive got 3 noses, you got a problem with that??CulCom : cultural mismatchEnI : No luckFII : Na ho PayegaOther clubs : apply nai kiyeFinal results : Katwa Club PRESI!

Kashis Club selection application resultsSuccess!


The Angry Young ManAnalyzed Pros and Cons and decided to form the Warroom

3Probable DML to Katwa DML: Strategy& InsightsThe cyclical process that lead to the decreasing growth of Kashis DML to FML

Exhibit 1:When Kashi came to IIMB. Kashi: I will become a DML!Exhibit 2: When Kashi is partyingExhibit 3: More Partying

Life before Strategy&

Life after Strategy&: A graphical representation

Chhati phulake chalunga!

Kashi during Exchange

Secured 2 MBA Degree(s) (2/400+), in 2 Years, 14-16 I am so much in demand, you see!

Conclusion and Recommendation(1/2)

All the below graphical resents leading to the important question: Radha Kaisa Na jale?

Radha Kaise Na Jale!!?? Right Radha??? I am sure you are checking this PPT!!Recommendation: Please Come to H Top Tonight at 11:59:59 to Hoosh Kashi! Radha you too! Please. :PTrue Love