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  • 1. After the huge success of ourfirst venture http://youtu.be/8ZW4hClbZZo

2. The Cool GrouppresentsDhruv Shah the Complete Man!The Best a Man Can Get... 3. Dhruv Shah The Fashion IconSAVE your fashion efforts to impress..as Dhruv Shah rules that domain 4. Dhruv Shah The CEOSAVE the big leagues, Dhruv Shahdoesnt play anywhere.. You better ask yourself 5 Whys before you set an appointment with THE Dhruv Shah 5. Dhruv Shah The Gymmer of 69SAVE the focused efforts, rest must be shunned to achieve what is perfect!Super CommandoDhruvDhruv 6. Dhruv Shah The Super-ModelSAVE the products use THE Dhruv Shah! 7. Dhruv Shah The Chick MagnetSAVE your girls!! .. 8. Dhruv Shah The Happy and The G*ySAVE not just your girls .. But yourselves as well!! . .. F**k you uptight girls! We are self-sufficient! 9. Dhruv Shah The AVERAGE RotluSAVE your rona, as we have here the rotlu-est of them allRandom chick: Dhruv how many marks did u get?Dhruv: Bas yar mere to average marks hain.. 47Random chick: Aur class highest kitna hai?Dhruv: 49!Common mans average Dhruv Shahs average 10. Dhruv Shah Rukh KhanSAVE your untrue claims of being SRKs biggest fan After his idol posed in a tub of roses he decided to get a similar photo-shoot for himself.. 11. Why the focus on SAVE you ask?becauseProvides procurement consulting ..The Best Sourcing a Company Can get 12. Appendix Random facts about Dhruv Shah First reaction for any kind of plan is always a No Will talk for hours on phone with any randomfemale be it a receptionist/journalist/sales-girl Takes at least one full hour to get ready for goingout Will oblige you by testing your mirror and set eachstrand of his hair whenever he visits your room Not interested in any kind of sport whatsoever 13. If you do, then be there at A base at 0000 hrs