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  • your community resource

    2 0 1 4 S T O R Y

  • 1.4 million reference questions

    A S K E D A N D A N S W E R E D , A N I N C R E A S E O F 8 5 , 0 0 0 O V E R 2 0 1 3

    N E A R L Y 1.5 million

    downloads O F B O O K S , M O V I E S A N D M U S I C , U P F R O M

    1 . 1 M I L L I O N D O W N L O A D S I N 2 0 1 3

    15.8 million items C H E C K E D O U T

    2.3 million sessions

    O N 1 , 9 6 5 P U B L I C C O M P U T E R S A N D D E V I C E S W I T H I N T E R N E T 15.9

    million visits T O W W W . H C L I B . O R G

    5.6 M I L L I O N in-person visits T O O U R 4 1 L I B R A R I E S ,

    U P F R O M 5 . 2 M I L L I O N I N 2 0 1 3 30,000 L I B R A R Y M E E T I N G R O O M R E S E R V A T I O N S

    notable numbersD I D Y O U K N O W Y O U U S E U S T H I S M U C H ?

  • directorsmessage

    E V E N M O R E T H A N Y O U H A V E C O M E T O E X P E C T

    Public libraries remain a community resource unlike any other. Funded by all and open to all, we exist to serve you. In 2014, Hennepin County Library made big changes with you in mind: more materials, more open hours, more inspiring spaces and more online access. In these ways and others, we are fulfilling our promise to help you read, graduate, engage, work and learn. We are serving as your best community resource free and open, always improving. Visit us again soon. You will discover even more than you have come to expect.

    Lois Langer Thompson, Library Director

  • readSixty-four percent of Hennepin County residents have a library card, and those cards have greater power than ever before. In 2014, we invested in more materials for our high-demand, eBooks and historical collections, and we increased the number of items you can check out and put on hold at once. It is all fuel for you, our community of avid readers.

  • graduateHennepin County libraries now offer more open hours each week. In 2014, that meant 14,633 more hours for storytimes, tech workshops, homework help, summer reading and exploration in our play and learn spots all activities that support graduation in your community. With you, we are working hard to close the achievement gap.

  • engageIn 2014, we opened new Excelsior and Walker Hennepin County libraries. We also renovated our Long Lake, Maple Plain, Osseo, St. Louis Park and Washburn locations. The result? More inspiring spaces that are accessible and welcoming, many with meeting rooms. Like all our libraries, they are yours to use with family, friends and neighbors.

  • workOur redesigned website launched in 2014 with better mobile access, improved searching, recommended reads and integrated eBooks essentially, more online access to the library resources you love. Linking to 184 subscription databases, www.hclib.org supports the work you need to do, where you want to do it: in our libraries, at home or on the go.

  • learnHennepin County libraries are for learning, and in 2014, we hosted 9,400 programs and classes. 200,000 of you attended to make, build, design, create, imagine and explore. Some events were available across the system, others were community-specific, but all offered opportunities for you to be active and vitally engaged. Free inspiration provided for all.

  • financials2 0 1 4 O P E R A T I N G B U D G E T S U M M A R Y

    R E V E N U E S

    Property Tax $59,720,481State $1,136,600Local $3,238,244Investment Earnings $85,000Fees for Services $1,250,000Fines and Forfeitures $1,453,300Other Revenue $7,565,300

    Total Revenues $74,448,925

    E X P E N D I T U R E S

    Personal Services $42,874,476Commodities $1,048,775Services $23,644,269Capital Outlay $6,081,340Other Charges $800,065

    Total Expenditures $74,448,925

    Beyond the Librarys $74.4 million 2014 operating budget, the County dedicated $12.6 million to Library building projects in its 2014 capital budget.

    The Librarys 2015 operating budget, which now includes the Hennepin County Law Library, is $78.2 million. An additional $14.7 million is dedicated to Library building projects in the Countys 2015 capital budget.

    More budget information is available online at www.hennepin.us/hcbudget.

  • Hennepin County Library is a department of Hennepin County Government and reports to County Administration and the County Board of Commissioners.

    H E N N E P I N C O U N T Y B O A R D O F C O M M I S S I O N E R S

    Mike Opat, District 1Linda Higgins, District 2Marion Greene, District 3Peter McLaughlin, District 4Randy Johnson, District 5Jan Callison, District 6Jeff Johnson, District 7

    H E N N E P I N C O U N T Y A D M I N I S T R A T I O N

    David J. Hough, County AdministratorJudy Regenscheid, Assistant County Administrator Operations

    The Library Board is an advisory board of Hennepin County residents appointed by the County Board.

    H E N N E P I N C O U N T Y L I B R A R Y B O A R D

    Rebekah Anderson (2014)Adja Ann (2015)Katherine BlauveltCaitlin CahillChris DamsgardBarb Fenton (2015)Sandy JohnsonJill JosephKathleen LambDoris RubensteinJane ShanardGary ThadenTherese VanBlarcom (2014)

    Friends of the Hennepin County Library is an active community of supporters that raises funds for books, materials, programs and technology.

    F R I E N D S O F T H E H E N N E P I N C O U N T Y L I B R A R Y

    Kristi Pearson, Executive Director

    leadersS U P P O R T I N G Y O U R L I B R A R Y S Y S T E M

  • A U G S B U R G P A R K 612-543-6200 7100 Nicollet Ave.Richfield, MN 55423

    B R O O K D A L E 612-543-5600 6125 Shingle Creek Pkwy.Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

    B R O O K L Y N P A R K 612-543-6225 8600 Zane Ave. N.Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

    C H A M P L I N 612-543-6250 12154 Ensign Ave. N.Champlin, MN 55316

    E A S T L A K E 612-543-8425 2727 E. Lake St.Minneapolis, MN 55406

    E D E N P R A I R I E 612-543-6275 565 Prairie Center Dr.Eden Prairie, MN 55344

    E D I N A 612-543-6325 5280 Grandview SquareEdina, MN 55436

    E X C E L S I O R 612-543-6350 337 Water St.Excelsior, MN 55331

    F R A N K L I N 612-543-6925 1314 E. Franklin Ave.Minneapolis, MN 55404

    G O L D E N V A L L E Y 612-543-6375 830 Winnetka Ave. N.Golden Valley, MN 55427

    H O P K I N S 612-543-6400 22 11th Ave. N.Hopkins, MN 55343

    H O S M E R 612-543-6900 347 E. 36th St.Minneapolis, MN 55408

    L I N D E N H I L L S 612-543-6825 2900 W. 43rd St.Minneapolis, MN 55410

    L O N G L A K E 612-543-6425 1865 Wayzata Blvd. W.Long Lake, MN 55356

    libraries O P E N T O S E R V E Y O U M O R E T H A N 2 , 0 0 0 H O U R S E A C H W E E K

    M A P L E G R O V E 612-543-6450 8001 Main St. N.Maple Grove, MN 55369

    M A P L E P L A I N 612-543-5700 5184 Main St. E.Maple Plain, MN 55359

    M I N N E A P O L I S C E N T R A L 612-543-8000 300 Nicollet MallMinneapolis, MN 55401

    M I N N E T O N K A 612-543-5725 17524 Excelsior Blvd.Minnetonka, MN 55345

    N O K O M I S 612-543-6800 5100 34th Ave. S.Minneapolis, MN 55417

    N O R T H R E G I O N A L 612-543-8450 1315 Lowry Ave. N.Minneapolis, MN 55411

    N O R T H E A S T 612-543-6775 2200 Central Ave. N.E.Minneapolis, MN 55418

  • O S S E O 612-543-5750 415 Central Ave.Osseo, MN 55369

    O X B O R O 612-543-5775 8801 Portland Ave. S.Bloomington, MN 55420

    P E N N L A K E 612-543-5800 8800 Penn Ave. S.Bloomington, MN 55431

    P I E R R E B O T T I N E A U 612-543-6850 55 Broadway St. N.E.Minneapolis, MN 55413

    P L Y M O U T H 612-543-5825 15700 36th Ave. N.Plymouth, MN 55446

    R I D G E D A L E 612-543-8800 12601 Ridgedale Dr.Minnetonka, MN 55305

    R O C K F O R D R O A D 612-543-5875 6401 42nd Ave. N.Crystal, MN 55427

    R O G E R S 612-543-6050 21300 John Milless Dr.Rogers, MN 55374

    R O O S E V E L T 612-543-6700 4026 28th Ave. S.Minneapolis, MN 55406

    S T . A N T H O N Y 612-543-6075 2941 Pentagon Dr. N.E.St. Anthony, MN 55418

    S T . B O N I F A C I U S 612-543-6100 8624 Kennedy Memorial Dr.St. Bonifacius, MN 55375

    S T . L O U I S P A R K 612-543-6125 3240 Library LaneSt. Louis Park, MN 55426

    S O U T H D A L E 612-543-5900 7001 York Ave. S.Edina, MN 55435

    S O U T H E A S T 612-543-6725 1222 4th St. S.E.Minneapolis, MN 55414

    S U M N E R 612-543-6875 611 Van White Memorial Blvd.Minneapolis, MN 55411

    W A L K E R 612-543-8400 2880 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55408

    W A S H B U R N 612-543-8375 5244 Lyndale Ave. S.Minneapolis , MN 55419

    W A Y Z A T A 612-543-6150 620 Rice St.Wayzata, MN 55391

    W E B B E R P A R K 612-543-6750 4203 Webber Pkwy.Minneapolis , MN 55412

    W E S T O N K A 612-543-6175 2079 Commerce Blvd.Mound, MN 55364

  • locationsH E N N E P I N C O U N T Y , M I N N E S O T A

  • WWW . H C L I B . O R G

    There is a 100% chance I brought my @hclib card with

    me on our vacation so that I can still use the library!

    11:14 AM - 28 FEB 2015 | Oh, the joy I feel when @hclib

    emails me to let me know that a book is ready for me

    to read! 8:38 AM - 13 MAR 2015 | How about a shout-

    out for our brilliant public libraries. I love my local

    system, @hclib. Beautiful libraries, always well-stocked.

    9:10 PM - 17 FEB 2015 | #becauseofapubliclibrary I can

    find a calm workspace away from the chaos of my

    house. A temple of books, making books. Thanks,



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