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Transit Orientated Development HENNEPIN COUNTY Housing, Community Works & Transit NACCED September 20, 2011. HENNEPIN COUNTY. Largest in population (1.2 million) residents, budget and property value. Diverse – topography and people - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Transit Orientated DevelopmentHENNEPIN COUNTY

    www.hennepin.usHousing, Community Works & TransitNACCEDSeptember 20, 2011


    Largest in population (1.2 million) residents, budget and property value.Diverse topography and people Median family income: $61,387 Median age: 38 Median home value: $215,000 Home to 1/3 of the states jobs

  • Hennepin Community Works was created in the mid 1990s To enhance how the communities of Hennepin County work together to create good jobs, provide access to employment, and build the long term value of communities by investing in infrastructure, public works, parks, and the natural environment and by improving the existing implementation systems.MissionPrinciplesStimulate employment developmentBuild bridges for effective planning and implementationMaintain and improve natural systemsStrengthen communities through connectionsEnhance the tax base

  • Hiawatha LRT

  • Minnehaha-Hiawatha Community WorksThe planning project approaches the corridors future potential and reinvestment needs based on maintaining and improving neighborhood livability.

    Five (5) neighborhood livability elements have been identified, which consist of the following:

    Mobilityland use and physical resourcesenvironment and natural resourceseconomic developmentand social/cultural/heritage

  • Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) ProgramTo support multi-jurisdictional TOD in housing and economic development projects in designated redevelopment areas located at or near transit corridors in Hennepin County. Projects that demonstrate the objectives of TOD: density, compact and efficient design, transit connections, biking, walkingSince, 1993 has provided $19.6 in CAPITAL funding in the form of grants or loans to 79 projects.

  • 2003 7 projects2004 11 projects2005 10 projects2006 6 projects2007 13 projects2008 11 projects2009 6 projects2010 6 projects2011 9 projects

    TOD Project Awards

    Total of $19.6M awarded

  • Longfellow StationLongfellow Station SA, LLC$300,000 grant

    Hiawatha LRT 38th Street Station, Minneapolis

    180 mixed income housing units10,000 sf commercial space; anticipates 40 jobsLarge-scale TOD at key redevelopment site

  • 54 units mixed-income housing units8,000 sf commercial spaceAnticipates 15 jobsPhysical connection to transit stationHi-Lake TriangleWellington Management, Inc. $450,000 grant/loanHiawatha LRT Lake Street Station, Minneapolis

  • Adeles employment map

  • Southwest LRT Community Works

  • Bottineau TransitwayPlanningExisting conditionsBest management practicesAreas of change and stabilityCorridor vision/plansStation typologies





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