Heading Home Hennepin : The Plan to End Homelessness in Minneapolis and Hennepin County

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Heading Home Hennepin : The Plan to End Homelessness in Minneapolis and Hennepin County. 5 Year Report Cathy ten Broeke Director, Minneapolis/Hennepin County Office to End Homelessness. Heading Home Hennepin. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Heading Home Hennepin: The Plan to End Homelessness in Minneapolis and Hennepin County5 Year Report</p><p>Cathy ten BroekeDirector, Minneapolis/Hennepin County Office to End Homelessness</p></li><li><p>Heading Home HennepinOur vision is that by the year 2016, all people facing homelessness in Minneapolis and Hennepin County will have access to safe, decent, and affordable housing and the resources and supports needed to sustain it. Our mission is to end homelessness.</p></li><li><p>Partners 150 nonprofits throughout Hennepin CountyDowntown Business CouncilDowntown Improvement DistrictDowntown Congregations to End HomelessnessHospitals and Hennepin HealthUniversity of MinnesotaPhilanthropic OrganizationsMultiple City and County DepartmentsSuburban MunicipalitiesState and Federal Agencies</p></li><li><p>Goal 1: PreventionKeep people in the housing that they already have.Ensure people do not become homeless when leaving public institutions.</p></li><li><p>Prevention - ResultsProvided prevention assistance to over 3000 households between 2009-2011.Coordinated $6.5 million in new city and county HPRP funds from federal government.Raised $200k in private resources to assist over 200 households impacted by the tornado with short-term rental subsidies to prevent them from entering shelter.</p></li><li><p>Prevention - ResultsProvided discharge planning assistance from various systems, including the workhouse and Shakopee Womens Prison.Piloted Hospital to Home and Recuperative Care models to reduce costly, extended stays in hospitals.Improved discharge from Foster Care.</p></li><li><p>Goal 2:OutreachDevelop a coordinated system of street outreach.Decrease police time spent dealing with homelessness.Reduce livability offenses and concerns.</p></li><li><p>Outreach - ResultsSt Stephens has housed over 350 people since Oct, 2007.40% reduction in street homelessness since 2010. Downtown 100 reported a 78% reduction in offenses.Downtown business community committed to ending street homelessness in DT 2025 plan.</p><p>Chart1</p><p>341</p><p>300</p><p>204</p><p>number</p><p>Unsheltered Count in January in Hennepin County</p><p>Sheet1</p><p>unsheltered count</p><p>January unsheltered survey2012201120102009</p><p>dateyearnumbertempadults only</p><p>1/24/082008 temp - minus 13300minus 13surveyed adults6779114183</p><p>1/29/092009 temp - minus 2235minus 2183surveyed youth42755334</p><p>1/27/102010 temp - minus 1341minus 1283total109154167217</p><p>1/27/112011 temp - 22 above30022 above167</p><p>1/26/122012 temp - 24 above20424 aboveestother:</p><p>jail - adults1012</p><p>social mapping4025169</p><p>MTC1622</p><p>MPS816</p><p>children with surveyed parents1242618</p><p>partners of surveyed929</p><p>Total204300342235</p><p>dateyearnumbertemp</p><p>1/27/102010 temp - minus 1341minus 1</p><p>1/27/112011 temp - 22 above30022 above</p><p>1/26/122012 temp - 24 above20424 above</p><p>Sheet1</p><p>Unsheltered Count in January, in Hennepin County Minnesota</p><p>Sheet2</p><p>number</p><p>Unsheltered Count in January in Hennepin County</p><p>Sheet3</p></li><li><p>Goal 3:HousingCreate 5000 new housing opportunities for men, women, children and youth by 2016.</p></li><li><p>Housing - ResultsDeveloped 2,433 housing opportunities 2007-2011 (New construction and Tenant Based Rental Assistance)</p><p>Chart6</p><p>52229</p><p>3331247</p><p>111461</p><p>4961937</p><p>New</p><p>TBR</p><p>Total Housing Opportunities Developed (30%AMI) in Hennepin County 2007 - 2011</p><p>Chart1</p><p>52167219</p><p>24810561304</p><p>111278389</p><p>41115011912</p><p>New</p><p>TBR</p><p>Total</p><p>Total Housing Opportunities 1/07 - 12/10</p><p>Sheet1</p><p>Total Housing Achieved2007-2011</p><p>2007YouthSinglesFamiliesTotal</p><p>New109660166</p><p>TBR108274171553</p><p>Total118370231719</p><p>2008YouthSinglesFamiliesTotal</p><p>New0321042</p><p>TBR3628160377</p><p>Total3631370419</p><p>2009YouthSinglesFamiliesTotal</p><p>New0642488</p><p>TBR1014934193</p><p>Total1021358281</p><p>2010YouthSinglesFamiliesTotal</p><p>New425617115</p><p>TBR1335213378</p><p>Total5540830493</p><p>2011YouthSinglesFamiliesTotal</p><p>New085085</p><p>TBR62191183436</p><p>Total62276183521</p><p>TotalYouthSinglesFamiliesTotalCumulative Goal TotalsFamiliesSinglesYouthTotal</p><p>New52333111496200739025090730</p><p>TBR2291247461193720087805001801460</p><p>Total28115805722433200911707502702190</p><p>Goal466110814323006201013019293832613</p><p>2011143211084663006</p><p>* This youth number includes 353 TBR and New, and 30 Host Homes. This measure does not include the Recommendation of 60 shelter beds.</p><p>Sheet1</p><p>00</p><p>00</p><p>00</p><p>00</p><p>New</p><p>TBR</p><p>Total Housing Opportunities Developed in Hennepin County 2007 - 2011</p><p>Sheet2</p><p>0000</p><p>0000</p><p>0000</p><p>0000</p><p>New</p><p>TBR</p><p>Total</p><p>Goal</p><p>Housing Opportunities Developed2007-2011</p><p>Sheet3</p></li><li><p>Housing - ResultsHoused 4220 additional households with short-term rental assistance.Achieved a 33% reduction in homeless veterans in Minneapolis through partnership with MPHA and VAMC to house 205 long-term homeless veterans and their families through Veterans Administration Supportive Housing Program (HUD-VASH).Partnered with MPHA to secure 100 new Family Unification Program (FUP) Section 8 vouchers.Established Housing First Partnership 14 agencies housing nearly 1000 long-term homeless households in the existing market.</p></li><li><p>Housing - ResultsTargeted housing and support to highest users of jail and shelter (FUSE Project).Established the Currie Avenue Partnership, a collaboration between the business community, faith community, local and state governments, individual donors, foundations, and non-profits.Partnership raised over $700,000 in private sector resources to date, leveraging many times that amount from the state to house hundreds of individuals with disabilities.</p></li><li><p>Goal 4:Improve Service Delivery</p><p>Connect people to the services they need to escape homelessness.</p></li><li><p>Service Delivery - ResultsCoordinated 12 Project Homeless Connect events, serving 10,000 unduplicated people with the help of 5000 volunteers.Held special PHC event for victims of North Minneapolis tornado on May 24, 2011.Opened two Opportunity Centers, co-locating over 25 agencies at each center.</p></li><li><p>Goal 5:Build Capacity for Self Support</p><p>Increase incomes through education, job training and employment and access to benefits.</p></li><li><p>Self Support - Results</p><p>Established an Employment Collaborative at the Adult Opportunity Center, serving over 100 people and currently employing 69. Thirty-five of these individuals have also been connected to stable housing.Re-enrolled over 60 youth back in school from Youth Opportunity Center (We Want You Back).Connected hundreds of people with benefits and eligibility supports though on-site county workers at Opportunity Centers.</p></li><li><p>Goal 6:Systems Improvements</p><p>Promote policies and practices that end homelessness and increase cultural competency of service delivery systems.</p></li><li><p>Systems Improvements-ResultsChaired the National Leadership Council on Homelessness during the development of the Federal Plan to End Homelessness.Chair of State Homeless Coordinators Council.Redesigning of the single adult shelter system.Coordination of multiple county departments to focus on housing outcomes for most vulnerable shelter guests. Co-leading a redesign initiative of homeless youth system.</p></li><li><p>ChallengesMore people vulnerable to homelessness because of economy.Very low rental vacancy rate of 2.1%.Slow development of new housing at 30% and below Area Median Income.Lack of job opportunities.Expiration of Federal Stimulus Funds this year.</p></li><li><p>SuccessesUnprecedented collaboration of multiple sectors.Millions in public and private dollars leveraged.Reductions in homelessness among veterans, people sleeping outside, and long-term homeless.Significant systems changes focused on housing stability.</p><p>HPRP refugees, relocation of renters, youth in Mpls schools, Crisis Nursery, additional rapid exit from county shelter, and suburban prevention assistance.Totals for housing GraphYouth 281Singles 1580Families 572Total2433</p><p>FUP 100 referrals 12 leased 77 accepted 66 families and 11 youthCPED and United Way start up dollars have leveraged FSET (Food Support Employment Training) dollars. If eligible for food and participate in employ training the employment org can bill for 50% of training costs. Workforce Center is a partner. (CC, PPL, Goodwill, St. Stephens, and Mpls Workforce Center).</p></li></ul>