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hamzas evaluation part 1


  • 1. By Hamza Ahmed.
  • 2. Our media video uses, follows and develops the genre that we had ideally chose to do. Our genre is a action and comedy based. Our film followed a numerous convections which are the beginning credits before any scenes. We also included in our credits the distribution company which will hopefully make it viral. Secondly we followed up a convention by including the actual film scenes which shows the main characters of the film. The title of a our film was to represent the motive for the characters in our media product film. As a group we followed on what conventions to use and did not develop or challenge the conventions of titling.
  • 3. The camera shots we used in our film were close up, long shot, medium shot, over the shoulder shots to emphasis on the scene and show whats happening. We used camera movements such as zooming in and out of the action. We also used panning for when the characters of the film were walking along.
  • 4. We used camera angles such as low angles to show the characters lighting up and smoking the herbs. We also used it to show around the estate. We also used in our media product high angle shots to show the characters walking to their destination. And we used a pan shot to introduce the next scene.
  • 5. The mise en scene we used was that the settings of the background was based on a over crowded estate full of poverty and crime. The characters had to wear the stereotypical clothing such as the hoodies, caps and their trousers low which shows their boxes hanging out. How ever we also had a character who tries to fit in with the rest but fails because he isnt used to the nature of it.
  • 6. Inour media product we have followed other conventions such as sound. We used our own dialogue from the script that we produced for the actors. We used music in the background to give the effect to the audience what kind of genre it will be and how the film is based.