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Dwayne MenezesKalyani JoshiSatish JewaniYash TrivediIntroductionWhat does the word Effective mean ??Its a Combination of performance , product along with well being , maintenance. Producing a strong impression or response.What does the word Habit mean ??It is a routine behavior, more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience.It is the impression or the effect that your habits have on you and around you.Why these 7 Habits ??Its a complete frame work of sequential principals. Motivation gets you started, HABITS keeps you going

Habit 2 : Being with the End in the Mind.HAVE A PLAN

This is about setting long-term goals based on "true north" principles that will guide your daily life.

This is facilitated by a Personal Mission Statement

Document your own vision in life

This is very difficult but essentialPrinciple of Personal Vision

The most fundamental application: visualization of your death & the graveside perspectives from family, friends, work colleagues and the communityUnderlying principle:All things are created twice - mental (1st creation) and physical (2nd creation)default verses designPersonal leadership verses Management (what and how)imagination and conscience

Begin with end in the mind: Overview

spouse centerednessfamily centerednessmoney centerednesswork centerednesspossessions centerednesspleasure centerednessfriend/enemy centerednesschurch centerednessself centerednessBegin with end in the mind alternative centerBegin with end in the mind: Alternative CentersPrinciplesFamilySpouseMoneyWorkSelfetcPleasureFriendSecurityprinciples do not change (only our understanding of them does)principles do not react to anythingprinciples are larger than circumstancesWisdom and Guidanceprinciples supply the correct mapsPersonal Powerunrestricted by the attitudes, behaviors and actions of others

Only limitation: the natural consequences of the principles themselves - a universal law.

Begin with end in the mind:A Principal CenterCenterSecurityGuidanceWisdomPowerThrough conscience (of our own uniqueness) we detect our missions in life by working within our circle of influenceIt will take time and should be reviewed regularlyThe process is as important as the productUse your whole brain: Using imagination to visualize and affirm (right brain activity)Capturing these images and plotting them (left: roles and goals)

Begin with end in the mind: Using a Mission Statement

Habit 5 : Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood.listen before you speak

Character & Communication What is communication?Communication is a process of sending and receiving messages.

Four basic type of communications:Reading WritingSpeakingListening

The ability to do them the well is absolutely critical to your effectiveness.

Empathic ListeningWhat does empathy mean ?It means ..Seeing with the eyes of another,Listening with the ears of another,& feeling with the heart of another.

What does empathic Listening mean?It means ..It means listening with intent to understand.To listen with your ears, with your eyes, with your heart.

How to do we generally listen ??

Diagnose Before you PrescribeFirst its is important to understand the needs, the concern , the situation and then to give solution.

Four Autobiographical Responses.We Evaluate : We either agree or disagree.We Probe : We ask questions from our own frame of reference.We Advise: We give counsel based on our own experience.We Interpret : We try to figure people out, to explain their motives, their behavior, based on our own motives and behavior.

How to listen actually??

Understanding And PerceptionWhat is good listening ?

Then seek to be understood.