based on the work of stephen covey: the seven habits of highly effective people and the 8th habit

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  • Based on the work of Stephen Covey: The seven habits of highly effective people and The 8th habit
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  • Important to be effective; effectiveness can be learnt Focus on developing character, not personality. Habits shape us, so adopt productive habits. Build trust in relationships. Balance the different roles. Allot time to attend fairly to the various responsibilities and relationships. Think positive and show empathy Rejuvenate yourself Basic Principles
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  • Certain basic principles and values make people more effective. They are fairness, equity, integrity, honesty, human dignity and worth, excellence, a spirit of service, patience, perseverance, caring, courage, encouragement and positive thinking. The person whose character grows from these classic principles is a true leader who can inspire and help others. Character is habit. Basic Principles
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  • 1. They take initiative. (Be Proactive) 2. They focus on goals. (Begin with the End in Mind) 3. They set priorities. (Put First Things First) 4. They only win when others win. (Think Win/Win) 5. They communicate. (Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood) 6. They cooperate. (Synergize) 7. They reflect on and repair their deficiencies. (Sharpen the Saw) 8. They find their voice and help others find theirs. (We can all have a voice) The Eight Habits of highly effective people
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  • Much of the business success literature of recent decades has focused on developing a good personality. Developing a sound character is more important. Character lays the basic foundation. Personality can emerge naturally when character is rooted in and formed by principles. Forceful display of a personality that is inconsistent with our character is like wearing a mask. It is deceptive, manipulative and ultimately destructive! Be the change you want to see around you Character vs. Personality
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  • Be Spiritually, Mentally and Physically Fit
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