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Final Project Presentation for T206: Guilt by Static Action Productions


  • Guilt Static Action Productions

    Mallory Hart, Aaron Lan, Prisma Lopez-Marin, Ivan Stetter

    Final Project: TEL-T206

  • Guilt

    We see four US soldiers inside of a Hummer, driving to Kabul. As they get closer to the city,

    they see a burning car along the side of the road. When they get out to check the bodies, an IED

    goes off, killing two of the soldiers. Of the remaining two, Jack lands in a nearby ditch and goes

    unconscious while Pete is abducted by terrorists.

    After returning home, Jack is clearly distressed. He meets with a fellow soldier named Allen in a

    bar, who tells him that Pete has been declared dead. Before the conversation can continue, Jack

    sees a man harassing a woman and, after exchanging words, proceeds to fight the man. Jack and

    Allen escape after the woman thanks Jack and as police begin to arrive.

    Back in his home, Jack thinks back to the bar fight and then to Pete getting abducted. In

    frustration and grief, he decides to go to sleep.

    We see Jack pacing near another bar when he hears a sound from an alley and sees a man

    cornered by three men. He hesitates, and when he starts to walk towards the alley, a patrol car

    shows up. Jack quickly walks away, passing the bar he was eying.

    Jack says his goodbyes to family as he leaves for another tour of duty, and when he gets to the

    barracks, he is with several younger soldiers. After one of them makes a joke, Jack berates them

    with horror stories. As the silence draws on, Jack offers a game of basketball.

    On the court, Jack is losing a game, but that doesnt stop him from making fun of his opponent. As one game draws to a close, another soldier comes running up to Jack, revealing that Pete has

    been found alive in the custody of terrorists in a nearby village. We see Jack deliberating to

    himself, imagining scenes of Petes torture and remembering when Pete was abducted, before getting up and nodding as if to convince himself of his choice.

    Jack is now briefing men on a mission. He emphasizes the immediacy, danger, and, most

    importantly, the secrecy of the mission, and any doubts are quickly erased through Jacks reputation.

    The squad arrives at the terrorist-controlled village, and at first they manage not to raise an

    alarm, but a civilian woman screams at the sight of the soldiers and a furious battle ensues. They

    find Pete, ragged and senseless, who, in his stupor, shoots a us soldier in the arm before


    We now find Jack outside a hospital room. A doctor come out and begins conversing with Jack

    about Petes condition. As they approach the front desk, screams and gunshots are heard. Pete walks out of his room, gun in hand and a nurse held hostage. Jack attempts to calm him down,

    and Pete begins to. Jack then approaches Pete, whereupon Pete becomes agitated again. Before

    Pete can do anything, Jack shoots Pete and rushes to his side.

    Jack is now home again, and as he sits at a bar, nursing a drink, he remembers when he was

    discharged from the military. He hears a commotion behind him and begins to get up.

  • Research: Our research mostly consisted of looking at military information. For example, when writing the script, we looked up military ranks to make sure that we werent giving our characters ranks that would be too high for their situation. We settled on the main character (Jack) holding the rank of Lieutenant so he would not be too high ranking but still hold command over enough people to carry out his plan. Making sure we got correct terms was also part of our research. For example, we looked into the different types of discharges from the military as well as the types of awards and honors given to use in our story. We kept Jack at court marshaled although he probably could have been sent to prison. When we wrote out the treatment, we looked into different cities in the Afghanistan/Iraq area so we had an idea of what might make things more realistic. We also watched a war movies to get a better feel for certain details that make a war movie feel the way they do. To find a military our hospital in Afghanistan we followed the trail to this link ( We settled on using Bagram's SSG Heath N. Craig Joint Theater Hospital, a real and (unfortunately) very busy hospital.

  • Guilt1

    Guilt Static Action Productions

    Mallory Hart, Aaron Lan, Prisma Lopez-Marin, Ivan Stetter

  • Guilt2

    1 Int. Hummer - Midday 1

    JACK and PETER, along with two other US soldiers are riding in a Hummer. They pass a sign saying Kabul. Jack and Peter converse with one another in the back seat

    Peter About time we get back. Soldier 1 (turns to look at Jack and Peter) Yeah! Im sick of looking at sand and rock and sand and rock Jack (hits Soldier 1s shoulder) Quit your complaining! You got to sit in the hummer while we did all the foot-patrolling. Driver (turns to look at Soldier 1) Yeah! Even I had to get out while you sat in here! JACK Hey you guys, come on! Keep an eye on the road. (turns to Peter) Have you heard from Sarah lately? Peter Yeah. I got a care pack from them yesterdayremind me when we get back, theres something in it for you too. JACK I hope its a package of your moms signature cookies Peter Yeah well youll just have to wait andHey, stop the car! Soldier 1 Holy crap! What happened here?

  • Guilt3

    2 Ext. Desert Road Day 2

    The four soldiers get out of the Hummer to find a burning vehicle, with several bodies nearby. Peter

    Spread out and look for signs of what happened here! Check to see if anyone is alive!

    The driver kneels next to a burnt body and begins to roll it over.

    Jack Wait! Dont touch tha

    The buried IED explodes, throwing the soldiers, bodies, and debris outward. Jack lands in a ditch and fades in and out of consciousness. He wakes long enough to watch Peter be abducted by terrorists.

    3 Int. Jacks Apartment Night 3

    JACK, wearing rumpled civilian clothes and a duffel bag over one shoulder, walks in and drops his bag on the floor. JACK

    (picks up phone and dials) Hey Mom, I just got back, call me when you get this. (hangs up phone, picks up Purple Heart award) I dont deserve this, it was just a scratch. (tosses medal aside)

    4 Int. Bar Night 4 Jack and ALLEN are sitting at a bar, nursing drinks.

    ALLEN (nervously glances at Jack) So, uh, I, uh, have news about Peter. Jack Really?! What?

  • Guilt4

    ALLEN Well, (takes a quick drink) he's, uh, been declared dead. Jack (slams hand on bar) Damn it! ALLEN Apparently some video came in. A bunch of executions. (pauses) Hey man, Im real sorry. I know you guys were close. Jack Yeah.

    (finishes drink and calls for another)

    Im going back for a second tour. ALLEN You sure about that? I mean, you just got back, and

    Jack briefly glances at Allen before turning on his stool and seeing a woman being harassed in the corner of the bar. Jack

    (gets up and walks toward the commotion) Excuse me, sir, but I dont think this lady appreciates your advances. THUG Oh yeah? Whatre ya gonna do bout it? It aint none o yer business, so fu

    Jack punches the man in the face, starting a brawl in which the two quickly end up on the floor. The rest of the bars patrons rush to pull the two fighters apart. Just before some of them set in on Jack, the harassed WOMAN rushes to his aide.

  • Guilt5

    WOMAN (tearfully) Thank you! God bles you and thank you! Jack Yeah. No problem. Jack quickly walks out of the crowd and through the front door of the bar. Allen catches up to him and grabs him from behind, almost prompting Jack to swing at him.

    Allen Woah! Hey, what the fuckre you doing? You cant go around starting fights like that! JACK (shrugs Allen off) Yeah, whatever. Let go of me. Allen (lets go of Jack) Come on man! Whats gotten into you? Jack

    (puts his head down and starts walking away)

    Forget it, Allen. I just want to get home now.

    Allen watches Jack walk half-way down the block and then runs to catch up with him. Allen (pats Jack on the shoulder)

    Its okay, man. Just watch out for yourself, ok? Jack Ok.

    5 Int. Jacks Apartment Night 5

    Jack is sitting on the couch with a drink on the table in front of him, distraught over the nights events. He flashes back to Peter being captured. He picks up his drink

  • Guilt6

    and then sets it down again. He flashes back and watches Peter being captured again. Jack Pete. Im so sorry, Pete. Jack slams his fists down on the table with a grunt and then knocks his glass across the room. He sits with his head in his hands for a short while and then examines the mess hes caused. Jack stands and walks off to his bedroom.

    6 Ext. Outside Bar Night 6

    Jack paces near a light post across the street from a bar. JACK

    (mutters to himself) What am I even doing here? Its not like theres gonna be another scene for me to help, and I cant get in another fight. (stops pacing and looks at entrance to bar) Well, I guess it cant hurt to just get a drink or two. MANs voice Help!

    Jack rushes to the entrance of a nearby alley where a man is cornered by three muggers. Jack struggles to move into the alley but finally decides to help. Just as he steps into the alley, a patrol car stops at the opposite end and two police officers assist the man in need. Jack turn