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Learning to forgive yourself for mistakes you've made. You deserve to be free from your guilt!


  • My story is not so different than many others, or worse than most. But it is my story and as long as I am able, I plan to share it with others. When I was 7 years old, my parents divorced. We lived in a rural town just outside of an Army base, my mother and two sisters. Whenever you saw my Daddy, I was not far behind. He was my hero and the only true love in my life up until that time. I loved my Daddy.

    Once my family split up, my Dad moved away and the toll of divorce struck us all very hard. We were devastated at the effects of separation and lived in tremendous pain for many years. Thank God that part of our lives is behind us now. But for many people, they never find solace. They still carry around deep wounds from relationships gone wrong. We are able to see the negative effects of hurt all around us everyday and we often only hear from the victims. We seldom extend forgiveness to those who did the damage.

  • Healing comes in many forms, but it only comes when we are willing to embrace it. Its often strange for us to think how the other person must feel to walk around with the guilt of what they have done. The truth is, their guilt weighs on them just like our pain weighs on us.

    Guilt can transform itself into a warden, holding us hostage for the things we have done. When we are caught red handed guilt is displayed in our actions and attitudes. It can mascaraed as a defensive stance or even disguise itself as pride. With a little investigation you will discover that its really guilt.

    Some reckoning must come about with yourself before you can truly let go of your guilt. Admitting to yourself first that you really did commit the wrong and taking responsibility in your mind for your actions has to happen first. The next order of business is asking the persons involved for forgiveness. This part is easier said than done. It takes being able to face their anger, their responses and possibly rejection. It may never be totally accepted from the people you have hurt, but it is a required step in letting go of your guilt. You must face the music.

    Once you begin this process, you may start to feel even worse for what youve done. Coming clean may reveal more damage than you thought was there. Being strong enough to revisit your negative actions takes courage. But hear this part, you deserve to be free from your guilt.

    Of course there are several levels of committed wrongs and all of them carry their own weight of guilt. The amount of time and work needed to fully let go of guilt depends on the severity of the situation. Regardless of the implication, you should pursue a life free of guilt. We are all in need of someones forgiveness at some point in our lives. Including you.

  • Of course there are several levels of committed wrongs and all of them carry their own weight of guilt. The amount of time and work needed to fully let go of guilt depends on the severity of the situation. We are all in need of someones forgiveness at some point in our lives. Including you.

    It is important that you let go of your guilt in life. We cling to guilt be-cause it gives us a false sense of security. It makes us think, If I hold on to this, it will give me an excuse not to have to try harder or move for-ward. After all, I failed last time, I will probably fail again. That is the voice of guilt. Release yourself from that thinking.

    Please dont mistake this as a pass to continue a destructive path of rela-tionships in your life. NO. This is just the opposite. Now the real work begins. It takes proving yourself, gaining the trust of those around you and a constant display of changed behavior to change the minds of your circle. You never know how that release can release others. We have to release the past to be the past.

    In Luke 17: 11-17, Jesus meets ten (10) men consumed with leprosy. They begin to shout from a distance, Jesus have pity on us. You may have to shout from a distance, I am sorry, please forgive me. Instantly, without question, Jesus heals them and instructs them to go show themselves to the priest so that they can gain entry back into the community. But one leper goes further. This is where we should all take a note. The leper comes back to Jesus and thanks Him, with all of his heart, he humbles himself and pours out the sincerity of his gratitude. He goes the extra mile. Letting go of your guilt requires that you go the extra mile, for those you have affected and for yourself. Jesus knowingly questions the man about the other nine that were with him. What happened? Werent there more? But you came back to say thank you to God? This is admi-rable. Go, your faith has made you well.

    Believing in the power of gratitude levels the power of guilt. When we are grateful for a second chance, guilt has no hold over us any longer.

  • Be Encouraged! Heres some Hope!

    1. Acknowledge our guilt To ourselves first, then to those we have hurt. Be honest with yourself and others. People know when you are really trying to make a change.

    2. Shout for forgiveness be willing to accept rejection, anger and even getting your apology rejected. It takes time and consistent behavior before people will let you back in their lives.

    3. Believe that you are worthy of forgiveness and truly let go All of us have made mistakes and will make mistakes. No one is perfect. You deserve to let go of your guilt. When the voice of accu-sation creeps in, be strong enough to stand up to it and say, Im not that person anymore. When we truly repent and turn from old be-havior, Christ has set us free!

    Say this outloud, So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

    John 8:36

    And as for my Daddy, all is well. The pictures are worth a thousand words. Lets just say, He is free indeed!

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