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1. HOLDING ON & LETTING GO 2. INFORMATION ABOUT THE SONG Our song is called Holding on & letting go, its a song by Ross Copperman. The song has no music video, which makes it easier for us to do what we want with it because we dont have to be like any other video. Here is a link to our videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awr_jzijeIU 3. CONCEPT We plan on our video being a narrative & performance video. The basic concept is that you see a week in the life of a lost man, the video starts off with a woman leaving a baby in a trashcan, then it skips forward 18 years, you see him committing crime & making bad choices, throughout the video youll see him committing sins daily, sins we wouldnt even think of doing, the video just shows how angry & jealous the guy is of the world. 4. INFLUENCES Our main influences was 1 of the previous St Peters media videos, our video is aimed to be a lot like that, only well show a more detailed story & we will have someone performing as well. Other than this our video is originally from our own concept which we have thought of and developed the storyline ourselves. 5. TARGET AUDIENCE & GENRE The genre of our song is Indie, we have decided to use this genre in order to make it a realistic aspect of life and reality. Also Indie is very unique and outgoing genre which we felt as if our idea could be in relation to this type of genre. The audience is mainly people from the age of 16 and onwards, its a breakup song so most people could relate to it. We think this is the right target audience because we feel that 16 such as teenagers is the age which we feel most people form into relationships and form close bonds with the opposite sex. 6. MUSIC STRUCTURE The structure of our video will be in a form of a storyline, thevideo will start with the beginning of the main characters life. In the introduction there will be no audio because of how we want this part of the storyline to come across to the audience, we want this part of the video to be the most memorable and effective. The tempo of the song is very slow and calm, our video however will be at a different pace because of how fast we want to tell the whole story. As the music video starts and we see a change in pace in the audio this will be related to the pace of the storyline in order to have a connection with the pace of how fast the audio is going. 7. PROPS We see various different props being used throughout the whole video, such as: First scene we see a baby doll being used as a real life babySecond scene we see a school boy in his school uniformLater on in the video we see a knife being usedWe also use a calendar to show the progress of the time of the kid growing upWe see the kid carrying a bag which he keeps everything he stealsDrugs which wont be seen 8. ANDREW GOODWINS CONVENTIONS Our video will be demonstrating the indie genre, our artist will be dressed unique to make him look more realistic. There is a relationship between visuals & lyrics which the audience will be able to engage with and understand the connection between the two. There is a relationship between music & visuals. There will definitely be a relationship between the music & visuals, our artist will be performing the lyrics We do plan to use a lot of music conventions such as a lot of close ups to show the emotions of our characters. In the video we will have a female, who will be dominated by the male character, thats to show the whole male dominance and the influence it has on the female. There wont be any intertextual references in our video, however our video will most likely to be similar to other videos.