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Purpose Of Letting Israel Go. Let My people go that they may serve Me" As God's children today we have learned through this great show of power that ultimately it will require "active obedience" to receive salvation from the "One True God." - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Let My people go that they may serve Me"As God's children today we have learned through this great show of power that ultimately it will require "active obedience" to receive salvation from the "One True God." Looking back over the instructions that were given to Pharaoh to "let my people go that they may serve me", this principle is manifest throughout. Service to the Lord is the requirement of His people, and the blessing for this show of obedience and sacrifice is the ultimate salvation not only from physical death but from spiritual death as well.

  • This month shall be your beginnings (Exo. 12:1)10th day: take a male lamb14th day: kill the lambPlace blood on door frameEat with unleavened breadBlood: a sign (God: I will pass over your house)

  • The PassoverThis day will be a memorialFeast of Unleavened Bread (14th 21st day)New calendar began for the Israelites

    10th plague: Death of the Firstborn (12:29-30)

  • The exact place of crossing is not knownGod took them via an unusable routeThe pillar of cloud and the pillar of fireMoses took Josephs bonesPharaoh pursued the IsraelitesThe Israelites complained again 14:11-12Moses parted the seaThe Egyptian army destroyed 14:26-28

  • Song of Moses 15:1ff They praised the LordThe Lord triumphed gloriouslyI will praise and exalt HimPharaohs army He cast into the seaThe people (of Canaan, Philistia, Moab, etc.) will be afraid and melt awaySong of Miriam 15:20-21Sister to Moses and AaronThe women went with her taking their timbrels: singing and dancing; praising God

  • Bread of heavenGod tested Israel againPeople hungry: cried to MosesGod will provide: Evening: meat (quail)Morning: manna (bread)Moses: your grumblings are before GodTest: whether or not they will walk in My instruction. v.4 But, some left bread till morning. v. 20Some gathered bread on Sabbath. v. 27Reference: Exodus 15-19 Manna bread of heaven (Exo. 16)I will rain bread from heaven

  • Water from the rockFrom Wilderness of Sin to RephidimNo water to drinkPeople complain to MosesMoses cries to the Lord: they will stone me. v. 4God: take your staff (that struck the Nile) and strike the rock at Horebthat the people may drink. v. 6Place called: Massah (test) and Meribah (quarrel)Reference: Exodus 15-19 Water From the Rock (Exo. 17:1-7)God supplies mans needs

  • AmalekAmalek: grandson of EsauReside in northern half of Sinai peninsulaAmalekites War Against Israel at RephidimMoses to Joshua: choose men to fight. v. 9Moses: I will station myself with staff of God in my handHands up: Israel prevailedHands down: Amalek prevailedAaron and Hur supported Moses hands (victorious)Altar: The Lord is My BannerReference: Exodus 15-19 Victory Over the Amalekites (Exo. 17:8-16)

  • Jethros adviceJethro (Reuel: Ex. 2:18)Father-in-law of MosesBrought Zipporah and his 2 sonsHeard all that God had done for Moses and IsraelMoses Heavy WorkloadJethro: What you do is not goodtask is too heavy to do alone. v. 17-18Jethros counsel: Be their representative before God. v. 19Teach them statutes/lawsSelect godly men as leaders to judge. v. 21-22Reference: Exodus 15-19 Jethros Advice (Exo. 18)Jethro was the priest in Midian

  • Reference: Exodus 15-19 Sinai (Exo. 19)Israel camped before the mountIsrael is now at Mount SinaiSame as Mount HorebRemember what God Told Moses on his way to Egypt:Read Exodus 3:12- And he said, Certainly I will be with thee; and this shall be a token unto thee, that I have sent thee: When thou hast brought forth the people out of Egypt, ye shall serve God upon this mountain.

  • Note the times when the Israelites have murmured:When they reached the Red Sea and saw Pharaohs army approachingWhen they reached Marah and the water was bitterWhen their food was gone at the time they got to the Wilderness of SinWhen they found no water at RephidimThey did not rely on Jehovah to care for them when they were in need.Has human nature changed since then?

  • Left Rephidim; Arrived at Mount SinaiIsrael camped in front of Mt. Sinai 19:2Moses went up to God. v. 3God: from the Mt. v. 4-6I bore you on eagles wingsNow, if you obey My voiceThen, you shall be My peopleYou shall be: a kingdom, a holy nation.Moses speaks to Israel: They answer: We will do. v. 8Reference: Exodus 15-19 Sanctified at Sinai (Exo. 19)

  • People Consecrated. v. 10-17Garments washed. v. 10Scheme of redemption: persons washed. Rom. 6:3-4The Lord Visits Sinai. v. 18-25Mountain consecrated. v. 18ffGod called Moses to the top. v. 20Moses warned the people not to charge forward to see God. V. 21

    Reference: Exodus 15-19 Sanctified at Sinai (Exo. 19)

  • People afraidGods Presence Remember when: People sanctified. 19:9-11, 15Three days later (as the law was given). 19:16-20 Moses received the law (ten commandments) 20:18Fear on the People.Moses, you speak with us; not God, lest we die. v. 19Moses: Do not fear, God has come to test youthat you may not sin. v. 20Reference: Exodus 20-24 People afraid (Exo. 20:18-21)

  • Moses Receives the Gods CommandmentsThe Ten Commandments Ch. 20The Book of the Covenant Ch. 21-24; 24:7The Pattern for the tabernacle, the furniture, the priests, the sacrifices and the offerings Ch. 25-31. All of these are considered The Law of Moses and they were given to Israel (those who came out of Egypt (Ex. 20:1). Moses in the Mount for 40 days v. 24:18Reference: Exodus 19-31 The commandments given (Ex. 20-31)

  • Do not make gods before MeDo not make idolsDo not take the Lords name in vainDo no work on the SabbathHonor your father and motherYou shall not murderYou shall not commit adulteryYou shall not stealYou shall not bear false witnessYou shall not covetReference: Exodus 20-24 Ten Commandments (Exo. 20:1-17)

  • The Altar. 20:22-26The Book of the CovenantConcerning servants. 21:1-11Concerning violence. 21:12-27Concerning animal violence. 21:28-36Concerning property. 22:1-15Various immoralities. 22:16-31Justice to all. 23:1-9Sabbath laws. 23:10-13Reference: Exodus 20-24 Other laws (Exo. 20:22 23:13)

  • Three Annual FeastsFeast of Unleavened Bread: Month of Abib: eat unleavened bread seven daysFeast of Harvest: firstfruits of your labors sown in the fieldFeast of Ingathering: at the end of the year, when the fruits have been gatheredReference: Exodus 20-24 Three annual feasts (Exo. 23:14-19)

  • Regulations. cp. Dt. 16:16All males shall appear before the Lord. No blood offered with leavened bread.No fat shall remain until morning.No young goat is to be boiled in its mothers milk.Reference: Exodus 20-24 Three annual feasts (Exo. 23:14-19)

  • Israel affirms the covenantLeaders to Worship GodMoses (Joshua), Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and seventy elders.Built an altar and 12 pillars (for each tribe).Moses alone shall go near the Lord.People: All the words which the Lord has said we will do. 24:3, 7They had also agreed earlier. v. 19:8Reference: Exodus 20-24 Israel affirms covenant (Exo. 24)

  • Moses delayed in the Mount (cp. Ex. 24:18)People to Aaron: Come, make us godsThe Golden Calf v. 1-6Aaron had them offer their jewelryAaron makes a golden calf idolAaron also built an altarThe people celebrate.Broke Covenant With GodLater, Gods covenant on stones will be literally brokenReference: Exodus 32-34 Israel breaks the covenant (Exo. 32)

  • God Desires to Destroy the People v. 7-10God was angryHe called them your people v. 7Gods intention was to destroy the people and make Moses a great nation.Moses Intercedes v.11-14What might the Egyptians sayRemember the promise to AbrahamGod relented to Moses plea v. 14Reference: Exodus 32-34 Israel breaks the covenant (Exo. 32)

  • Moses AngerBroke the two tablets God made v. 19Destroyed the calf that Aaron made v. 20Moses: Who is on the Lords side? v. 26The offenders punishment was swift and severe v. 27-28Moses was willing to be blotted out of Gods book for the peoples sake v. 32God: Those who sinned will I blot out of my book.God plagued the people v. 35Reference: Exodus 32-34 Israel breaks the covenant (Exo. 32)

  • The Command to Leave Sinai v. 1-6Go to a land flowing with milk and honey.The Tent of Meeting v. 7-11Temporary meeting place for Moses and GodIs not the tabernacle to be builtPromise of Gods Presence v. 12-23Moses: Show me Your glory.God: No man shall see Me and live.Reference: Exodus 32-34 Israel breaks the covenant (Exo. 33)

  • Reference: Exodus 32-34 The Lord passed before Moses (Exo. 34)Moses Makes New Tablets v. 1-9God called Moses back to Mt. SinaiThe Lord passed by before himStayed 40 days again v. 28Moses intercedes for the people: v. 9Please go among usWe are a stiffnecked peoplePardon our iniquity and sinTake us for your inheritanceGod responded favorably

  • Reference: Exodus 32-34 God renews the covenant (Exo. 34)Covenant renewed v.10-28God: Observe what I command you this dayDo not make covenants with people in other landsGod: My name is Jealous do not worship other gods or images.Keep the feastsWork 6 days; rest on the 7th Moses face shone v. 29-35Met with the peoplePut a veil over his face

  • The Great Nation promise has been fulfilled first of the three promisesGod told Jacob to go to Egypt for I will there make of thee a great nation. (Gen. 46:3)The Israelites now have a leader in Moses;But, they do not have a law, a way of worshipping God, and a place to worship.

  • A Summary of The Journey From Egypt To SinaiJoseph diedLast of the Patriarchal Age/PeriodThe children of Israel had multipliedSoon they were in bondagePharaoh tried to stop their growthMoses spared and lived in royal surroundings for 40 yearsMoses fled to Midian after trouble with Pharaoh and the IsraelitesMoses was of the tribe of Levi.

  • Moses c