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  • Give to GET Luxury shopping with heart.

  • What is Issue Impact Insight IMC Ideas IMC Images

  • is an Online retailer based in the United States.

    Founded in 2007 Stages online flash sales Offers womens, mens, and childrens designer apparel and accessories Also offers home goods, high-end travel destinations at discounted prices Immediacy- limited time sale! Invitation or request to join ONLY Coined the darling of luxury-obsessed bargain hunters

  • Request Membership


    Accept an invitation from a friend or family member

  • Guilt Gro entices consumers to spend money with special sale prices

    Getting a good deal means that consumers feel good about their purchase

    Inviting others into the club also helps to take away the guilt associated with being a frequent shopper

    If Jen buys something from Guilt Groupe everyday than it is okay if I do too.

  • 1.Those who invite others receive a credit on their account the first time someone they invited buys something ($10.00)

    6. Mobile applications are available and extremely popular among Guilt Groupe consumers

    2.Guilt Groupe has a special category called jetsetter with luxury vacation packages

    7. Gilt Groupe gave a $10.00 credit to the rst 10,000 ipad owners who registered for new membership through the application

    3.The sales ONLY last from 36-48 hours 8.Females use Gilt Groupe more then men, but they feature a lot of mends clothes and products

    4. The supply is extremely limited, which adds to the exclusivity

    9. You MUST be a member in order to view the sales

    5. Multiple new boutiques open everyday! 10. On the site there is a special city tab that is similar to Group On (features special deals for specic cities)

  • Strengths -Sense of immediacy encourages sales -Strictly online retailer -Exclusivity -Leader in its category -Competitive prices -Convenience -Large scale of products

    Weaknesses -Not very well known -Many sites like it -limited inventory -Little advertising

    Opportunities -Room for large and expanding membership -Word of mouth travel -Appearances in the media -Advertising

    Threats -Competing sites: Rue la la, Ideali -Poor economy -Products not meeting consumer satisfaction -In store shoppers -Those who dislike shopping online

  • Shoshanna

    Miss Sixty

    Calvin Klein Collection

  • Who do we intend to target in this campaign?

    Mothers Daughters


    Upper middle-Upper class

    Enjoy shopping together even though they might not still live together

  • People love the idea of shopping online, it is easy and convenient.

    The sense of competitiveness and wanting to score a great deal is motivating and exciting to the sites consumers.

    The members of this group like that it is exclusive and not a wide spread phenomenon.

    The idea of saving a lot of money on high quality items is very attractive to the sites audience.

  • More exclusive than competitors Quality items Allows you to save items in your cart, unlike

    competitors Range of products Higher discounts

  • Personality Fun Focused Busy Con-ident Stylish Smart Trendy Features Online shopping Clothing, accessories, household items, trips. Discounted prices Designers labels Competitive buying

    Emotional Value Quality Saving Appearance Success Exclusive Important

  • Mother/Daughter Event Tickets to special event will go on sale on March 15th

    Competition for the best Shopping Duo in the United States

    Mothers and daughters (or those who have a similar role..grandmothers,aunts, etc.)

    Submit a video explaining why they are they exemplify the Give to Get motto

    Cause Related Marketing When you sign up you get to pick from a list of charities

    that you want your purchases to benefit During the campaign, you will only be able to chose from

    mother/daughter organizations, but after the campaign there will be a wider range of organizations to chose from

  • Guilt Talk A blog where mothers and their daughters can talk about top deals,

    purchases, up coming events, and charities that they are passionate about

    Television Spot Features a mother and daughter shopping online together over the

    phone Emphasizes the point of having a shopping buddy, without being in

    the same physical space Updated iPhone application

    Enabling you to shop with a friend Iphone application will allow you to browse through the site at the

    same time You can talk on the phone with them or send messages through the


  • New feature Allows family member to link their accounts

    together Benefits: They will be able to support the same charities

    and they will be able to see what each person bought Mothers Day Promotion

    All mothers will receive an email about saving 20% on Mothers Day (we will know that they are mothers because of the information given during registration)

  • Updated iphone application..

    Makes shopping with someone else easy!

    Shop TOGETHER on your iphone.

    Talk or send messages..while shopping

  • Guilt Talk..

    A mother/daughter blog about fashion, purchases, and causes


    Give to GET