got guilt? why guilt is no longer an excuse

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Presented by: Michelle A. Homme, CEO & President of Constant Change Got GUILT?Why Guilt is No Longer An Excuse

March 21, 2015

1Married to Mike 25+ years3 sons: Josh, Brett, and AaronA LITTLE ABOUT MEConstant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha2

CEO and PresidentConstant Change, LLCGUILTConstant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha3

Constant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha4GUILT COMES WHEN WE BELIEVE OUR ACTIONS OR INACTIONS HAVE IMPACTED SOMEONE ELSE. Do we feel guilty that we didnt pick up the dog poop or get the oil changed in the car?4Constant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha5WE OVER THINK!!!BUT OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IS

Ask for answers5The SyndromeWHERE DOES OUR GUILT COME FROM?Constant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha6

Everything to everyone


Not that I want to blame DC Comics6Constant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha7NOT ENOUGH TIME!WHY DO WE HAVE GUILT?

Caught up in our own lives start to think of others7Constant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha8Forgot to call Grandma on her birthdayHad to run to the store for the bake sale donationsThe house isnt picked up when your neighbor stops inHad to ask another parent for carpool help to soccerHave to plan your dates with your spouseMissed lunch with a friend you havent seen in 6 monthsMissed your sons performance because of work


Short story there is a lot going on upstairsWe have too many apps open at one time!8It knows what buttons to push.GUILT IS OUR BULLYConstant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha9

It teaches us to forget the good things we do.

Story of DR9Talk to other women (you are not alone)MAKE time for yourself (joy/exercise)Address it right away (dont let it fester)Be real (forgive yourself) Let some things go (say NO & mean it)Life your BEST life (no regrets)HOW DO WE MAKE IT BETTER?Constant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha10

Be vulnerable / running / journal / FY / not your problem / open arms10QUIT OWNING EVERYTHING!ANSWER: SHORT AND SWEETConstant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha11

Shes there this is what mine says to me but seriously11Constant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha12

www.constantchangetoday.comWHERE TO FIND ME

Michelle A. HommeConstant Change, LLC 2015 #AllAboutHerOmaha13



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