google’s android is the he world’s most popular mobile apps development platform

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  1. 1. Android application development is the most looked for app development platform, for it is extremely promising and reliable. Being the first Linux based OS that is believed to be the best in the market, today powers almost every other mobile handsets and numerous tablets millions of handsets and tablets across almost 190 nations round the globe. Though every android developers strives to create unique apps for the platform, only the most impressive ones standalone which in turn proves the developers expertise. Professional Android Application Development will reward developers only if they end up creating simply extraordinary apps with exclusive and extended features that replicate their skills and knowledge. Android application development as a platform has both advantages and disadvantages which prove it a neutral yet effective mobile app space. As most of those who love androids would want to know the advantages of it, here they are: Open source: Android is an open source platform that enables interested minds to develop apps that are impressive and unique and have them put up on the Google Play Store. With zero subscription and absolutely no downloading charges, the android software development kit is loved by app developers who long for a platform to showcase their talent. Synchronizing: With an exclusive feature that enables mobile users to synchronize their devices with their respective google accounts, the accessibility to most of the features and apps is right away possible through the platform. Googles Android is the he Worlds Most Popular Mobile Apps Development Platform
  2. 2. Developer-friendly: The Tools That Android software development toolkit provides are substantially developer-friendly making the tool an absolutely wonderful way of making great apps. Unlike any other software development professionals, since android has stood alone in the mobile app development arena, android application development professionals who possess exclusive skills and expertise in this platform can make it to the best levels career wise