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<p>Year Est : January, 1996</p> <p>GOOGLES HISTORYG o o g le 's h ist o ry .flv</p> <p>Nationality : U.S.A</p> <p>Founder : Larry Page Sergey Brin</p> <p>Acquisitions : 2001.~ ; acquired several small startup companies, often consisting of innovative teams and products EX) Bloger, Pyra Labs, etc. 2004 ; acquired a company called Keyhole. Inc, which developed a product called Earth Viewer, renamed in 2005 to Google Earth. 2006.10 ; Bought the YouTube the popular video site &amp; JotSpot a softw are company 2007.3 ; acquisition of Gapminder's Tendalyzersoftware company &amp; Adsca pe Media, a small ingame advertising company.</p> <p>BUSCOM 2.0 PARK SO YEON</p> <p>1</p> <p>GOOGLES MAJOR SERVICES *Advertising programs &amp; PRODUCTS around the world *Offering the map of all</p> <p>BUSCOM 2.0 PARK SO YEON</p> <p>2</p> <p>Income statement Revenue Gross profit Total net income EPS</p> <p>GOOGLES INCOME 2009 2008 STATEMENT 200719,176.1 8,604.4 1,486.7 3.03 18,627.0 8,387.4 1,883.4 3.74 2008 1,936.3 (413.8) (1,226.1) 16,325.9 7,160.5 1,491.5 2.93 2007 1,878.7 92.9 (171.5)</p> <p>2009 Net operating 1,763.1 cash flow Net investing (788.1) cash flow Net financing (733.9) cash flow</p> <p>BUSCOM 2.0 PARK SO YEON</p> <p>3</p> <p>GOOGLES FUTURE GOALS their 1) improving infrastructure to make</p> <p>engineers more productive 2) being the best in search top AI research laboratory 3) pushing their ad system 4) To make sure their tools are running everywhe re 5)focusing on innovation</p> <p>BUSCOM 2.0 PARK SO YEON</p> <p>4</p>