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Charlotte Morton talks about how success is based on a mixture of performance metrics and creative art & storytelling.


<ul><li>1.BeFirst to theFUTUREPerformance Art. Charlotte Morton Industry Head, Creative Agency Partnerships </li></ul> <p>2. We know creativity creates difference and ultimately value 3. We are increasingly using the phrase "high- performance creativity". It is the marriage of relevance and difference. Two forces that should never be separated. - Ben Fennell, CEO, BBH 4. Excitingly, the web has democratised creativity Everyone can take advantage of the value it creates Dollar Shave Club 5. We see it time &amp; again for both Brands &amp; Creators Chipotle Michelle Phan 6. Creativity is even more critical in todays world 7. What does all this actually mean for modern creativity? 8. YouTube vloggers &amp; haul girls control 97% of conversations around Beauty on YouTube 1. Data helps scope Creative Territory 9. 1. Data helps scope Creative Territory Tresemme All Things Hair 10. search interest for volvo trucks search interest for volvo trucks Jan 2013 Nov 2013 Jan 2013 Nov 2013 Source: Google Trends, Worldwide, Jan 2013-Jan 2014 Apr 2013 Nov 2013 For a whole month last year, volvo trucks was more interesting than sex. True fact. great sex volvo trucks 2. Data provides instant creative feedback 11. 3. Data helps to sweat your assets Irn Bru &amp; Burger King Sequential Remarketing drives 40% View Through Rate 12. 5.2m views per month 22m views per month The Slo Mo GuysJacksGap 3.3m subscribers 3.4m subscribers Source: YouTube data, Jan 2014 4. Data feeds the success of some of YouTubes biggest channels Vice 7.5m views per month 4.3m subscribers 13. Jamie Oliver 14. The success of their content extends way beyond video itself Art Science Content Fundamentals Audience development title recency view counts watchtime engagement metrics tags description accessible discoverable shareable consistent conversational interactive sustainable authentic targeted collaborative + thumbnails metadata 15. Storytelling with a Performance mindset 16. BeFirst to theFUTUREThank You. Charlotte Morton Creative Agency Partnerships </p>