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  • Googles Cloud StrategyRoll your own Google products

  • Googles cloud strategy in a nutshellBuild new capabilities to support the business

    Open source the tech behind these capabilities as a clean rework, managed as a public project (not a line of business)

    Let a standard / ecosystem develop around the tech

    Have a great implementation for hosting systems built on the standard

  • The Business: Gadgets & Apps &Search &Mobile.

  • The capability driving the business: Google Assistant




  • Matthieu Varagnat Conversational interfacesbeyond the hype on Medium

  • So how do you get to conversationality?

  • The OSS: SyntaxNet & Parsey McParsefaceWhat it is:

    a way to teach computers to manage the ambiguity of human conversation

    How its used:

    build a model of the way humans speak about a subject build a model of an individual speaker

    What it enables:

    highly accurate conversational parsing the ability to quickly identify missing information and only ask for that

  • What standard is being developed?Increased demand for bots to be conversational

    A model for processing written texts, acting as an example for driving new models

    A way to build new models -- SyntaxNet, built on TensorFlow

  • How do you help engineers model users and make predictions about them faster?

  • The OSS: TensorFlowWhat it is:

    A framework for defining, executing and training machine learning models

    How its used:

    Build predictive models of complex human behavior, such as preferences, schedules, speech patterns

    What it enables:

    Interfaces that adapt to users, cultures and improve over time

  • Whats a tensor?A multi-dimensional data structure, used to hold transformations of a data set.

  • What's a flowPrograms that chain together operations into a directed graph. Flows describe the movement of data and operations but specifically don't imply an execution technology or order -- making them ideal for scaling in to run on a laptop or out to run on a cloud.

  • What standard is being developed?Engineers focus on building ML models using standard tools.

    Models are tradable.

    Visualizations & tools arise to improve TTM

  • ...and Google will be the best at hosting it

  • How do you build stateful systems in a world of continuous failure and

    unpredictable load?

  • The Capability: Borg

  • The OSS: Kubernetes (K8S)What it is:

    Container orchestration & cluster management

    How its used:

    High leverage primitives produce addressable services on top of Linux nodes running Docker (more OS & container format support coming!)

    What it enables:

    Management of services at a high level of abstraction. Automation of scale out, failover, advanced deployments

  • New in Kubernetes 1.2

    Persistent volume provisioning support Rolling deployments Cross-zone failover (Ubernetes) TLS support & load balancing (Ingress) Autoscaling Graceful node shutdown (patches) New documentation website (with very good docs)

  • What standard is being developed?Engineers have a way to construct scalable, firewalled services using docker images and configuration

    Scaling, rolling deployments and failover are built in

    Short-term statefulness provided through load balancing

    Stateful containers arent as much an anti-pattern as they used to be (even less so in K8S 1.3!)

    A new class of technologies -- Cloud Native Computing -- and a Foundation to support their development (the CNCF)

  • ...Im not good at ending slideshowsApprenda has recently acquired a Kubernetes company (Kismatic) and will be offering an Enterprise

    Were working hard to bring Kubernetes to Windows Server Containers (dont laugh, its working)

    Lots of exciting Enterprise PaaS and Container Orch stuff coming!