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  • 1. Googles Prius

2. Giving us the power to access the worlds information in a matter of seconds, now it join forces with Toyota to bring us motorized sofas on wheels!
3. These specially designed Toyota Priuses are the same as the regular Prius (full hybrid electric mid-size car) with the addition of cylinder-shaped sensor (the vehicles eye) attached to the roof.
4. Also known as driverless cars.
5. Using artificial-intelligence software that can sense anything near the car it mimics the decisions made by a human driver.
6. The aim is not only to create more efficient and environmentally-friendly cars but also to help prevent traffic accidents, free-up peoples time and eventually reduce car usage.
7. Seven of these robot-cars have already been tried and tested, and drove more than 140,000 miles with very little human control.
8. These hybrids are not yet for sale and for now, only accessible to its employees.