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Matt Cutts tells about Google's link disavow tool. You probably shouldn't use it, but it's super exciting.


  • 1. Googles Link Disavow Tool

2. New Tool! 3. Tell Google which linksto your site youd like toignore. 4. Clean up your backlinks. 5. Paid Links? I know youwouldnt do it. But maybesome dirty SEO has 6. Blog spam, commentspam, forum spam, guestpost spam, low-qualityarticle syndication 7. First, get those linksactually removed fromthe web 8. Next, guess which linksyou should disavow 9. Remember, you probablydont need to use thistool. 10. Only if youve got anunnatural linkwarning from us 11. Ignore the porn. 12. We treat a link disavowrequest as a very strongsuggestion Its like anofollow 13. Dont hold your breath,we expect it to takeweeks for links to bedisavowed. 14. Remember, youprobably dont needto use this 15. Have I mentioned thatmost people should notneed to use this? 16. Dont shootyourself in thefoot 17. Only disavow ones that,according to recent stuff,look spammy 18. But I know you wont listen 19. This is probably not something youshould be using 20. But were superexcited about thistool. Just dont use it. 21. Thanks for showing usabout this Bing