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How to Go ViralSocial Media Strategy1How do you get more Traffic, more Views, more Followers, & more people Interacting with you on social media?Your goal: To bring a smile to peoples faces.


USE HUMORCreate Emotion

Contests are a wonderful way to spread the word about something. If you can give away something of value, you can get people to like or follow you. You can even require them to retweet or repost on their profile to pull in even more people.

Start a contest

Social media is about being part of a conversation. Listen to your audiences feedback. Give thoughtful and timely responses to messages received. It builds trust & authority in your brand.listenKeep post under 100 characters. A recent report by social media researcher Jeff Bullas: Posts with 80 characters or less received 66% higher engagement.

Keep it short

Hashtags.orgshows you the top trending hashtags. Assimilate your content, so that its relevant to featured hashtags. Focusing on current trends gets your content viewed, because people are searching for it.Hijack a Hashtag#

Post or Tweet on a celebritys page that supports your efforts, mission, or values. You may get noticed, and they share your content!Tweet a celebrityPictures and video are more likely to be retweeted or favorited than posts without them.You can also incorporate live streaming video on Twitter using Meerkat orPeriscope.Source: Neil Patel The Ultimate Guide to Creating Visual Content on Slideshare.net Use visual content

Treat each social media channel as a separate entity. The same content can be spread across all channels, but adjust it to your audience for that channel. Example: LinkedIn is a more business-focused audience, while Instagram audiences want engaging visual content.Theyre all differentPost throughout the day on your various accounts.

Tip: Make sure not to flood just one account or posting the same information to all your accounts at the same time.

Be consistent

Share content more than once throughout the week. Customize each repost with some new information, a new photo, or a new hashtag. Repost at various times & dates.share

Use social media management tools likeHootSuite,Buffer, orSproutSocialto schedule, and host all our accounts in one place. It saves time and allows for all your social media accounts to be easily managed by an individual or team.scheduleUse analytics to track your progress, so you can adjust your strategy as needed. The best way to discover this information is through the use of tools like HootSuite, Klout, Social Mention,Twitter Analytics,Facebook Insights,orKeyhole. Not only will these tools measure your social media success, but they will also increase ROI.Track analytics