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Learn the secrets to making your funeral home go viral on Facebook! This presentation, given at the ICCFA 2012 Wide World of Sales conference, shows you how you can grow your fan base, engage your audience, and distribute your message.


  • 1. Going ViralFacebook for theFuneral IndustryZachary GarbowCo-founder, Funeral Innovationshttp://facebook.com/funeralinnovations

2. (Silicon Valley)ExperienceMatters 3. 600750 800Million 4. 11%of worldspopulation 5. % Obituary Traffic from Facebook 6. You cant stop the waves, but you can learn to surf Jon Kabat-Zinn 7. Introduction to Facebook Pages 8. Maquoketa, Iowa Pop 6,112 9. With a captive audience of1,000+ peopledo you think you could findsomething to say? 10. Why Facebook?1. Constant contact2. Engaging3. Viral Distribution4. Hands raised5. Home Turf 11. Building a community is hard! (But the payoff can be huge!)GrowEngage Monetize 12. Is Your Facebook Pagea Ghost Town? 13. Or Community Center? 14. Becoming a Fan 15. The Wall 16. Vanity URL Need 25 Fans Go to: https://www.facebook.com/username/ Once set, you cannot change! 17. Growyour fan base(10 tricks) 18. 1 Invite Your Friends 19. 2 Promote on your Website 20. 3 Share Good Content 21. 4 Link in Email Signature 22. 5 Add to Business Cards 23. 6 Add Link to Obit Emails 24. Fan-Gating7 25. 8 Facebook Comments 26. 9 Link to TwitterAuto-tweet all Facebook Postshttps://www.facebook.com/twitter/ 27. 10 Facebook Ads1 2 Can you guess which did best?3 4 28. + Bonus Tips!Get 13 more secrets to grow yourFacebook Fans:http://facebook.com/funeralinnovations 29. Engageyour fans 30. Get Out of the Box 31. Apps 32. The News Feed Engagement is key! What to post? InspirationalStories Quotes Grief Tips CommunityNews Events 33. 1 Keep Posts Short60% more likes, comments and shares than longer ones 34. 2 Add Photos120 180% more engagement 35. 3 Add Videos 36. 4 Just Ask! 37. 5 Post About Timely EventsPosts mentioning Independence Dayaround 4th of July had 90% moreengagement 38. 6 Respond (Quickly) 39. 7 See What Works, Doesnt 40. +Bonus Tips!Get more secrets, including best timeof day and days of the week to post:http://facebook.com/funeralinnovations 41. Marketandmonetize 42. Online Sales The Sweet Spot TrafficBuying Intent Products/ServicesWeb Sales! 43. Market Pre-planning 44. Online Sales Products & Flowers 45. Local DealsPartner with local businesses toadvertise discounts on theirproducts/services to your FacebookFans 46. www.ficopilot.com 47. I cant believe a funeral home wouldbe so innovative to engage peopleoutside of making funeral arrangements- Liane Higgins 48. Questions/Commentszack@funeralinnovations.comhttp://facebook.com/funeralinnovations