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<ol><li> 1. WHAT MAKES A OUIZGO VIRAL. Often times,two elements lure someone into taking a quiz:the .0 style (as indicated by quiz titles) and the subject matter.But what .. kind of title and topic do you need to attract the most attentionand actually persuade a person to answer the questions? To get an idea,we gathered some of the top-shared PlayBuzz quizzes and separated our analysis into two data sets: THE LARGE SET THE SMALL SETQuizzes with more than Quizzes with more thanON PLAYBUZZ.THERE ARE 3 PRIMARY OUIZ TYPES. OUIZ TYPES IN THE SMALL SET*I33 Q I 1 M ;TRIVIA:l5%. ... .....GUESSING GAME:7. TRIVIA OUESSINO DAME OUIZ EXAMPLE:EXAMPLE: Which Sandra Do You Really Can We Guess Bullock Character Have Perfect Your IQ?Are You?English Skills?The Large Set numbers reveal a similar breakaown. I NUMBER OF PERSONALITY OLIIZZES IN SMALL SET BY TYPE l -. . . M 7_/~. _/ Ita in [E] . E El HCO 3.4:, El II I E II II E ElTRIVIA OUIZZES %25 oflhe Top I57 quizzes were trivia-based.Out of theTESTING POP MEMORY CULTURE there are twotherres: OUESSINO OAME OUIZZES QWhile only 44 q:out of the Large Set were Guessing Games.it's worth analyng what makes this type popular enough to produce. Iii it I *9YOURYOURWHERE NAME I AGE 2 YOU'RE FROMTO COMMON WORDS IN TITLES (SMALL SET)mlfect L.I IIIJ ll, u| =l 1. ll-Hnew manworldive ~. :~s. .hm II _. . _..8 Iu-y. -p'"--It-2 nUW. I.lI: "l. .7T? ~7 ' 0'Y"*""I. 'Z. .."I-chi . l.lfe5e Ill e ** " disny. :. . pas~-tjob fggtggji matchesII IJust by looking at the most frequently used title words,there are some clear trends in subject matter. SONALITYI3: rinnIS KEY POITIULTUREIS.WELL.POPULAR. The appearance of character, " movie, " song/ ' fomous, " and more in the word c oud above indicate a major interest in pop culture and media.Combine this with personality,and you have a wi'm'ng match. In our Small Set.about onethird of the quizzes were pop cu| turere| ated.9},DISNEY DOMINATES , _. D'sne1,. is the franchise that appears most in the most-shared qu'z titles.The only con*pet'tor,Harry Potter.is represented by a snall Harr~. " "1 the top right of the word cloud. We examined our Large Set to explore this further: D|3llEV*RElATE|3 OIJIZZES REPRESENT-oriiiiinini.70... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .- .Persn: :unu: :I| it'-; ,-' :This represents a higher trivia proportion T"lO the qu': zes in t'Ie Small Set. BIO FAN BASES MAY LIKE TO BECHALLEIIOED ON THEIR KNOWLEDGE TO PROVE THEIR FAN STATUS.PEOPLE LOVE THEDIST Basically,people love topics that are far from their everyday lives,like magic.Quizzes are a way of connecting readers to a world not their own.This is demonstrated by these word cloud appearances: 3 cnrrkiiun FANTITSVA wncuI.MAGICALSUPERHERO 30"WHILE THESE WORDS MAY NOT APPEAR IN THE SMALL SET TITLES MORE THAN ONCE.THE FACT THAT THEY All MAKE AN APPEARANCE IS NOTEWORTHY. CONSIDER THESE POPULAR THEMES AND STRUCTURES WHEN CREATINO YOURNEXT OUIZ:WWW. PLAYBUZZ. COM/CREATEFRACTL</li></ol>