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Viral Marketing : Viral Mechanisms and Seeding Strategies presentation I gave at Blueglass Florida 2010. Discussed the importance of baking in mechanisms into your content to help it spread and the power of a big seed strategy.


  • 1.Viral Mechanisms and Seeding Strategies By Brian Chappell

2. What is Viral Marketing? When your audience markets for you. 3. Not All Viral Campaigns Turn Into Viruses Viral marketing doesnt have to be 400,000 visits in 3 days 30,000 visits over 12 months spread across multiple campaigns and launches that in turn creates success over time. 4. 3 Main Components To Viral Marketing Content Mechanisms Seeds 5. Commonly Viewed Viral Marketing Components Content Mechanisms Seed 6. The Real Truth Of Viral Marketing Components Content Mechanisms Seed 7. Types Of Viral Mechanisms Forwarding to a friend Links in widgets Free Give it all away for a short time. Affiliate Programs FB Likes Twitter Retweets Automatic Address book importing Competitions With Leaderboards Login With Facebook 8. Viral Mechanism Integration Example : Before 9. Viral Mechanisms Email Integration Example : After 10. Post Purchase Viral Mechanism 11. Links In Widgets 12. Automatic Address Book Importing 13. Login With Facebook 14. Viral Seeding Techniques Initial Seeding By Marketers Press Release Blogger and Community Outreach PPC Facebook engagement ads Sponsored Tweets Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter Banner Media Buys Emails and status updates Word of Mouth Frontpaging Digg, Frontpaging Reddit, Tumblr Reblogs 2nd Level Seeding Done By The Audience Emailing a list Personal and Family relationships Twitter Status update Facebook Status update Blog post 15. Go Big Or Go Home 16. Factors For Success Viruses only spread when they are easy to transmit Ensure inviting users is core to the product, app or website Remind users to keep coming back Use existing networks instead of creating new ones Apply low barrier to entrys early on in the funnel Develop a Formula and stick with it 17. Successful Viral Marketing Environment Success! Make Content Travel Far With Seeding Techniques Multiple Seeds Make Content Travel On Its Own With Baked in Viral Mechanisms Content Viral Mechanisms 18. Further Reading One of the original primers on Viral marketing from 2000. Read more about the viral loop here Crowd Sourced Viral Loop examples How To Make Your Application Viral 19. Thank You @brianchappell