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Præsentation på Vækstfondens årsmøde 2012 i Øksnehallen


  • 1. Vkstfonden Ren Rechtman May 2012

2. From greenfieldto $100m exit 3. Spot it and ride 4. The world anno 2003/2004 5. What was the business going to be? Original Sustainableideaproduct 6. What do youwant to be when you grow up? 7. The businessman and the inventorAmbitionInventionProfessionalism CreativityCommercialPassionScale DomesticPackaged productPlayfulDrivenIntroverted 8. A clear vision emergedGROWTH/VALUE +To create and engage audiences globally 9. Goodbyeto thesmall pond 10. Audiences North America presents opportunitybut other regions present for user growth significant growth opportunitiesMillions of UsersPenetration Rate Asia has 922.3M internet users but only realizes a 23.8% penetration rate Europe has 476.2M internet users and realizes a 58.3% penetration rate North America has 272.1M internet users and realizes a 78.3% penetration rate Latin America has 215.9M internet users but only realizes a 37.0% penetration rateSource: Internet World Stats (2011) 11. International considerations EU? ? ?US?APAC? GLOBAL ?Accessibility. 12. Technology is the foundationOptimisationSocial VideoAll DevicesFacebook Twitter TickerDeveloper SDK Tracks Everything White Label 13. Where to start?DocumentationAutomated managementScalabilityAutomated optimization Automated data collectionC++, php Automated reportingHtlm5, flash, java Automated publisherAgileMulti language Multi geographies Multi currency Multi jurisdiction Multi location 14. CultureEverything is possibleWinning is the only optionHard workUrgency9AM 7 PMAgileInternationalOptionsFightingShare success 15. StructureIndividual responsibilityIndividual targetsIndividual AccountabilityP/L driven and attachmentCountry targetsCorporate targetsWeeks statusMonthly P/L evaluationBi-annually individual evaluation 16. The DNA of the people you need Hungry EntrepreneursNo limitsInternational Hard workers Value for money LondonTalent from the worldWanted Dynamic Limited talent Solutions, please Not humbleComfortable Think big Too expensive Denmark Limited global outlook 17. Ready for it? 80 people/29 nationalities World class leadershipattracts world class team A players hire A players B players hire C players Poor performers need to leaveFAST Bad for culture Bad for product Bad for clients etc. No HR 18. A race against timeGlobal race for video (Silicon valley)Not only local competition shaping upRisk capital available in volumeEntry barrier is lowTechnology is cheapTalent looking for next big thingSpeed and Momentum is key..! 19. ProfessionalismI knew from day one that weneeded an institutionalinvestor Professionalism Mickey mouse board meetings World class network Experience Access to more capital Attract talent Green card 20. Two waysBootstrapping VC Classic Stay in control Confident in unlimited scale Make a formula for growth/ scale Strong BP/team/beta Growth capital (3-5x) Angel Pros VC (10X) Control your destiny Pros Cons Going all the way Not pushed to the limit Cons The VC make the shots 21. Two waysBootstrappingVC Classic Stay in control Confident in unlimited scale Make a formula for growth/ scale Strong BP/team/beta Growth capital (3-5x) $100m vs $390m Angel Pros VC added a 4X factor VC (10X) Control your destiny Pros Cons Going all the way Cons Not pushed REMEMBERYou start a relationship. to the limit The VC make the shotsMake sure that the personalities match and you get the right experience 22. Crisis!50% growth while the world fell apart Stayed focused Scalability De-select short term opportunities Reckett, Pre-roll, MPU video Trusted our instincts Invested in the business Tech, people and international0809 10 23. The goviral we builtVideo technologyNetworkSalesState of art video player tech +30,000 mid & long-tail publishersTrading with all 4 major networksHTML 5 player in production+70% long tail views 17 of top 20 global brands as clientsGVN distribution platform Measurement & Optimization International operation60m views delivered MoM, 136 metrics, full customization 7 offices, 4 partners C++, infinitely scalable A/B testing environment85 countries served 24. Back to hyper growthOn track for an exit09 10 11 25. Video Deciding the future..?Considerations Solutions US expansion More growth capital Asia expansion New VC partners Product expansionMerger with US player CompetitionSelling the business Market development Business as usual Risk 26. The wish list for Aol Growth business Growth market Strategic importance Strong team Good tech platform In the right markets Profitable 27. The latest chapterIn January 2011Aol acquired goviral for $100m in cash