crowdspeaking platforms: making campaigns go viral

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  • Get Started: Thunderclap

    & Headtalker


  • What are Thunderclap and


  • Thunderclap & Headtalker

    are platforms that creates social media blasting campaigns

  • Thunderclap & Headtalker

    Its a crowdspeaking platform that lets you organize a crowd to share a message at the same time

  • Why use Thunderclap or Headtalker?

  • #1

    Expand social media reach

  • #2Use social media as leverage for product launch

  • Thunderclap

  • Search for Thunderclap

  • Click the link for Thunderclap

  • Click Login/Register

  • Login using Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr

  • Log In using Facebook

    Fill out the form

  • Log In using Facebook

    Click Log In

  • Log In using Facebook

    Click OK

  • Thunderclap dashboard

  • Check thunderclaps, activity & profile

  • Create a campaign

  • Click START

  • Create a campaignStep 1

  • Check samples

  • Or click START

  • Create a campaignStep 2

  • Add an Organizer Name

  • Add a description

  • Add a twitter account name

  • Option for changing a profile photo

  • Add a Title for the campaign

  • Choose a Category for the


  • Add a Message/Call-to-Action

  • Add a Message Link

  • Select a Date

  • Select Time

  • Select Time Zone

  • Select a Supporter Goal

  • Tip: Choose a small number of

    supporter goal

  • Tip: If the number of supporters is not reached, the campaign will not

    be posted

  • Add an image to the campaign

  • Write a story behind the message

  • Edit the format of the message

  • Add a Link to the campaign story

  • Add Email address

  • Check Preview


  • Create a campaignStep 3

  • Choose a plan

  • Click Continue or Buy Now

  • Wait for the approval

  • Upgrade to other plans for faster review and approval

  • Click Go To Dashboard to see the created thunderclap

  • Edit or Delete the campaign

  • Headtalker

  • Search for Headtalker

  • Click the link for Headtalker

  • Signing In

  • Click Sign In

  • Sign in through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or LinkedIn

  • Log In using Facebook

    sampleemail@domomain.comFill out the form

  • Log In using Facebook

    sampleemail@domomain.comClick Log in

  • Log In using Facebook

    Click Continue

  • Log In using Facebook

    Customize Audience

  • Log In using Facebook

    Click OK

  • Go back to Headtalker homepage

  • Headtalkerdashboard

  • Headtalker dashboard

  • Explore other campaigns

  • Search for specific campaigns

  • Buy & Sell support

  • Buy & Sell support

  • Creating a Campaign

  • Click Start Going Viral

  • Add a name for the campaign

  • Add a message

  • Add a link for the campaign

  • Option to embed a Youtube video

  • Add a Featured Photo

  • Add a Background Photo

  • Choose a Category

  • Add a story to the campaign

  • Set an End Date

  • Set an End Time

  • Select a Timezone

  • Add an Email address

  • Add an Twitter account

  • Save as Draft

  • Submit once done

  • Check the status of campaigns

  • Click Pending

  • Check the status of campaigns

  • People can support the campaign through the following social media


  • An email will be sent once the campaign is approved

  • Share the link

  • This is what a campaign looks like once it goes live

  • Gather Supporters

  • Ask for support through social media or send


  • Reach out to people 1-on-1

  • Once the minimum number of supporters is reached

  • The message will be shared

    by all supporters on

    the set date and time

  • So if you ever need to kick start a campaign, then check out

    Thunderclap and Headtalker.

  • What is interesting is the power and the impact of social media... So we must try to

    use social media in a good way.

    - Malala Yousafzai

  • Thanks for watching!

    Ivy T.