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Finding and Utilizing the Best Speakers Helena Hannonen Mark Romney. Global Leadership Conference 2013. Finding and Utilizing the Best Speakers. Preliminary Planning Approach a Potential Speaker Advertising Finalize room reservations and food orders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Global Leadership Conference 2013Finding and Utilizing the Best Speakers

Helena HannonenMark Romney

Finding and Utilizing the Best SpeakersPreliminary PlanningApproach a Potential SpeakerAdvertisingFinalize room reservations and food ordersMaintain informal contact with the speakerThe EventAfter the Event

1. Preliminary PlanningDetermine a general time to hold the event (October, spring, etc.).Determine a general topic of interest: finance, entrepreneurship, Church leadership, etc. (Most events should focus on business education.)Determine three potential speakers from local business, civic, and religious organizations and order them according to interest. (Contact Church Public Affairs or a Key Cities Committee in your area to get ideas of possible speakers.) Decide on one or two specific topics that each speaker could present on. Write them out.Select a contact either from your chapter or a friend of someone from you chapter who either knows the proposed speaker or is in the best position to approach the proposed speaker.Get permissions and inform Church authorities of speakers you plan to bring.

BYU SpeakersFacultyNational Advisory CouncilMBA Excursions and Travel Abroad ProgramsCareer ConnectConsulting and Business TravelDeans Seminar

Finding Local Speakers/LeadersSpeakers BureauCorporate leaders, consultants, trainersVisitors traveling on business or pleasureRelatives or colleagues of local BYUMS members

Finding Global Speakers/LeadersProfessional conference participantsReturning home country nationalsVacationing foreignersLeaders on business or Church assignment

BYU HAWAII CAREER CONNECTNov 2013 Boston Japanese Career ForumNov 2013 AustraliaApr 2014 TaiwanApr 2014 Other Polynesia (Tonga)Jun 2014 JapanAug 2014 Indonesia/MalaysiaSep 2014 Hong KongSep 2014 KoreaNov 2014 New Zealand

2. Approach a Potential SpeakerThe contact should approach your desired speaker, introduce the Management Society and its mission, and ask the speakers interest in presenting to the chapter.Present the Management Society as a premier organization of business professionals, a group of highly motivated individuals seeking to continually develop their talentsbut make sure you are prepared to back up your statements with a good showing should the speaker accept your invitation.Be prepared with solid dates, but be flexible enough to adjust to his busy schedule.Be prepared with solid topics for presentation. Flatter the speaker by mentioning his expertise on the topic you would like him to speak on. Make obvious your members desires to learn more on that particular subject.

2. Approach a Potential Speaker (cont.)If the proposed speaker is LDS, do not make him feel that it is his religious obligation to participate. However, let him know that the Management Society is trying to promote the ideals and values that he stands for, and could benefit from the experience and expertise of an established LDS professional like himself.If the speaker is not LDS, brief him or her about the type of audience who will come to the event.Remember, the worst thing he can say is no. If thats the case, graciously move on to the next potential speaker.After a speaker accepts your invitation, you must, as soon as possible, commit her to a firm date and time, which should be far enough away to give you time to prepare but not so far away that it allows the speaker to become disinterested in the meantime (approximately three to six months).Find out if the speaker needs a translator.

3. AdvertisingBegin preliminary advertising immediately. All committee members should start spreading the rumor that the speaker will be coming. If the speaker is relatively unknown, offer his credentials to anyone who asks. Send emails to all possible attendees.Get others excited about the Management Society. Use the event as a recruiting tool.Coordinate with or invite members of BYU Alumni and Law chapters.Keep track of the names and contact information of those you make contact with. Write them out.

3. Advertising (cont.)Once you have decided the details of the event (time, place, fees, etc.), then determine the target audience and size of audience you that will adequately flatter the speaker.Compile a mailing/emailing list.Create and send out some kind of formal invitation well in advance of the event (at least one month).Ask for RSVPs! If you are current with the database, you can have members RSVP through the database.Use social media to direct people to BYUMS website.

3. Advertising (cont.)

4. Finalize room reservations and food ordersConfirm arrangements with caterer or food provider. Confirm availability of audio, video and/or internet connections. Secure safe escape routes for emergencies.If the speaker is staying over night in a hotel, arrange for someone to stay in the next room in case the speaker needs assistance at any time.

5. Maintain informal contact with the speakerObtain Speakers permission to videotape the presentation if you plan to videotape for BYUMS website.Contact the speaker every few weeks with short updates on the event. Impress the speaker with your organization.Confirm Speakers requirements for audio, video, handouts and/or internet connections.

6. The EventArrive early to verify arrangements for event.Check audio, internet, handouts and video connections, if needed. Set up video-taping equipment, if appropriate. Confirm seating arrangements, if appropriate.Set up Chapter Banner, Chapter Promotional Materials and Event Registration information.Consider a Thank You gift for the Speaker.

7. After the EventWrite an article on the event for your newsletter. Send a copy with a thank-you letter to the speaker. Invite the speaker to maintain contact with your chapter.Send the newsletter to your entire mailing list, including those who did not comehelp them feel that they missed out and should come next time.


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