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<ul><li><p>GLOBAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT </p><p>a TMA Original Program </p></li><li><p>Why Global Leader ? </p></li><li><p> The world is becoming more and more interconnected </p></li><li><p> Mega trends are </p><p>transformative, global forces that define the future </p><p>world with their far reaching </p><p>sustainable impact on </p><p>business, societies, </p><p>economies, cultures and </p><p>personal lives. </p><p>Urbanization City as a Customer </p><p>Smart is the New Green </p><p>Social Trends </p><p>Connectivity and Convergence </p><p>Bricks and Clicks </p><p>Innovating to Zero </p><p>New Business Models: Value for Many </p><p>Beyond BRIC: The Next Game Changers </p><p>Future Infrastructure Development </p><p>Health, Wellness and Well Being </p><p>Future of Mobility </p><p>Top Mega Trends </p><p>Future of Energy </p><p> The world is changing very rapidly </p><p>The Visionary Innovation Research Division, Frost &amp; Sullivan </p></li><li><p> The world is changing very rapidly </p><p>Smart Devices </p><p>Applications </p><p>Digital Economy </p><p>Big Data </p><p>All about TECHNOLOGY </p><p>Social Media </p><p>Telecom Carrier Business </p><p>Artificial Intelligence </p><p>Startup Investment Scene </p></li><li><p>Developing Global Leader ? </p><p>If you want to be truly successful over the next ten years, the </p><p>big question you should ask yourself isnt Should my company </p><p>be global? Instead, it should be How can I go global in a </p><p>successful and sustainable way? And this question must be </p><p>asked and answered by leadership of the companies. </p><p>Dr. Hans-Paul Brkner, Chairman of The Boston Consulting Group </p></li><li><p>Future leaders competencies must have </p><p>GLOBAL LEADER </p><p>global perspective/ mindset </p><p>managing people &amp; interpersonal skills </p><p>communication skills </p><p> strategic thinking </p><p>flexibility/adaptability skills </p><p> thinking skills </p></li><li><p>21st Century </p><p>Competencies </p><p>Productivity </p><p>Literacy Skills </p><p>Leadership </p><p>*Communication </p><p>Flexibility </p><p>Collaboration </p><p>Critical Thinking </p><p>Initiative/ Creativity </p><p>TMA Future Leader </p><p>Competencies </p><p>Global Perspective </p><p>Language Skill </p><p>Ability to Execute </p><p>Business Acumen </p><p>Communication </p><p>People Skills </p><p>Adaptive &amp; Agile </p><p>Holistic Thinking </p><p>TMA Program </p><p>Becoming A Strategic </p><p>Global Leader: INSEAD Business School </p><p>Leadership </p><p>Communication : Berkeley ECI </p><p>Cultural Intelligence: Nanyang Technological </p><p>University </p><p>Design Thinking Program </p><p>Management </p><p>Development Program </p><p>(MDP) </p><p>Competencies Comparison </p></li><li><p>CO</p><p>MP</p><p>ETE</p><p>NC</p><p>IES G</p><p>AP</p><p>REQUIRED COMPETENCIES </p><p>Global Perspective 29, 10 </p><p>People Skill </p><p>25, 7 </p><p>Language Skill </p><p>24, 13 </p><p>Business Acumen </p><p>24, 5 </p><p>Adaptive &amp; Agile </p><p>21, 7 </p><p>Communication </p><p>20, 7 </p><p>Holistic Thinking </p><p>20, 8 </p><p>Expertise&amp;Technical </p><p>Knowledge </p><p>16, 2 </p><p>Systematic Thinking </p><p>13, 6 </p><p>Creativity&amp;Innovative </p><p>12, 2 </p><p>Ability to Execute </p><p>11, 7 </p><p>Stakeholder Management </p><p>11, 5 </p><p>Planning </p><p>6, 2 </p><p>1.Decisive 2.Entrepreneurship </p><p>5, 0 </p><p>Goal Setting </p><p>4, 1 2, 1 </p><p>Simplify1, 0 0</p><p>7</p><p>14</p><p>0 15 30</p><p>Global Vision of 50 Leaders </p><p>First Priority </p><p>Second Priority </p></li><li><p>ATT</p><p>RIB</p><p>UTE</p><p>S G</p><p>AP</p><p>REQUIRED ATTRIBUTES </p><p>Ethical 24, 12 </p><p>Engagement&amp;Inspire 22, 6 </p><p>Continuous Learning 18, 5 </p><p>Visionary 17, 6 </p><p>Assertive 16, 12 </p><p>Adventurous 14, 9 </p><p>Collaborative 14, 5 </p><p>Passion 9, 0 </p><p>Perseverance 9, 7 </p><p>Self-Motivation 6, 1 </p><p>Change Initiator 5, 1 </p><p>Charisma 4, 0 </p><p>Disciplined 4, 4 </p><p>Detail-Oriented 2, 0 </p><p>Positive Thinking 2, 1 </p><p>Work Life Balance 1, 1 </p><p>0</p><p>7</p><p>14</p><p>0 15 30</p><p>Global Vision of 50 Leaders </p><p>First Priority Second Priority </p></li><li><p> Module I : </p><p>Becoming a Strategic Global </p><p>Leader </p><p>Enhance organization </p><p>capability </p><p>Achieve global competitive advantage </p><p>Module II: Cultural Intelligence for Global Leaders </p><p>Enhance individual capability </p><p>Understand cultural </p><p>intelligence </p><p>Module III: Leadership </p><p>Communication </p><p>Enhance individual leadership </p><p>communication skills </p><p>Become authentic </p><p>leaders </p><p>Global Leadership Development </p><p>Program </p></li><li><p>TMA Global Leadership </p><p>Development Program Framework </p></li><li><p>Organization capability </p><p>To begin with </p></li><li><p>Becoming </p><p>a Strategic Global Leader </p><p>Maximizing </p><p>your business opportunity </p><p>for global growth </p></li><li><p>A TMA program </p><p>in collaboration with INSEAD </p><p>Becoming </p><p>a Strategic Global Leader </p></li><li><p>Becoming </p><p>a Strategic Global Leader </p></li><li><p>From a market of 66 million to 800 million customers, </p><p>companies throughout Southeast Asia are regionalizing </p><p>in order to serve more customers and tap into a bigger </p><p>talent pool to continue growing. </p><p>The program engages one of the worlds top business </p><p>schools to help Thai firms become leaders as </p><p>internationalization becomes a strategic must-do. </p><p>Participants will be exposed to best global practice in </p><p>becoming international corporations. </p><p>Becoming </p><p>a Strategic Global Leader </p></li><li><p>Becoming </p><p>a Strategic Global Leader </p><p>Session </p><p>1 </p><p>Session </p><p>2 </p><p>Session </p><p>3 Session </p><p>4 </p><p>Session </p><p>5 </p><p>Session </p><p>6 </p><p>Creating Competitive </p><p>Advantage Though Growing Internationally </p><p>Formulating Strategic Options for Growing Internationally </p><p>Growing Internationally Though Strategic </p><p>Innovation </p><p>Building a high-performing multinational organization </p><p>Building </p><p>a high-performing multinational team </p><p>Capstone experience </p></li><li><p>Methodology </p><p>INSEAD Facilitators </p><p>Becoming </p><p>a Strategic Global Leader </p></li><li><p>Individual executive capabilities </p><p>To complete with </p></li><li><p>Leadership is autobiographical. </p><p>If I dont know your story, I dont </p><p>know who you are as a leader. </p><p> Noel M. Tichy, The Leadership Engine </p><p>Leadership Communication </p></li><li><p>A TMA Program </p><p>in collaboration with </p><p>Berkeley Executive Coaching </p><p>Institute (BECI) </p><p>Leadership Communication </p></li><li><p>Designed to enhance individual leadership and communication skills so that leader can become </p><p>inspirational, influential, and yet authentic. </p><p>Highly interactive program provides participants the opportunity to work on their communication skills, </p><p>storytelling skills, and presentation skills. </p><p>Learning takes place through lectures, hands-on </p><p>practice, immediate feedback and coaching. </p><p>Leadership Communication </p></li><li><p>Part I </p><p>Develop leadership presence. </p><p>Improve your communication skills. </p><p>Get real-time feedback and coaching. </p><p>Discover your own authentic leadership style. </p><p>Learn how leaders use story to tell leadership stories. </p><p>Use storytelling techniques </p><p>Find innovative ways to build trust, teamwork. </p><p>Leadership Communication </p></li><li><p>Leadership Communication </p><p>Part II </p><p>Develop public speaking and presentation skills. </p><p>Learn the presentation and storytelling techniques. </p><p>Practice spontaneity skills . </p><p>Get real-time feedback and coaching from Berkeley ECI </p><p>coaches. </p><p>Build confidence to stand and communicate on a global </p><p>stage. </p></li><li><p>Methodology Berkeley ECI Facilitators </p><p>Leadership Communication </p></li><li><p>Cultural Intelligence </p><p>for Global Leaders </p><p>How Cultural Intelligence (CQ) </p><p>can provide a source of </p><p>competitive advantage </p><p>in the global economy </p></li><li><p>A TMA Program </p><p>in collaboration with </p><p>Nanyang Technological University </p><p>Cultural Intelligence </p><p>for Global Leaders </p></li><li><p>What is special about </p><p>The program </p><p>Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a dynamic capability that </p><p>applies to interactions in any diverse setting. </p><p>Unlike traditional cross-cultural programs that focus on </p><p>imparting the dos and donts of interacting with </p><p>a particular culture, the CQ program offers </p><p>an all-encompassing approach that extends beyond </p><p>cultural knowledge to also include strategy, motivation </p><p>and behaviors. </p></li><li><p>Day 1 Day 2 </p><p>Pre workshop: Self-Assessment </p><p>Module Framework </p><p>CQ Drive: Drive to engage in Cross-Cultural interactions </p><p>CQ Knowledge: Knowledge of how cultures </p><p>are similar and different </p><p>CQ Action: Flexibility to demonstrate the </p><p>appropriate behaviors </p><p>during Inter-cultural </p><p>interactions </p><p>CQ Strategy: Strategy to prepare for and make sense of unfamiliar inter-cultural encounters </p><p>Executive Sharing : CEO with extensive experience in multi-cultural environment </p><p>Group project and CQ Development Plan </p></li><li><p>Learning Methodology </p></li><li><p>Cultural Intelligence for Global Leaders: Developing the capability to lead across culture </p><p>Sep 29-30, 2016 Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel </p></li><li><p>Becoming a Strategic Global Leader </p><p>Cultural Intelligence </p><p>for Global Leaders </p><p>Leadership Communication </p><p> Enhance </p><p>organization </p><p>capability </p><p> Achieve global </p><p>competitive </p><p>advantage </p><p> Enhance individual capability </p><p> Become authentic </p><p>leaders </p><p> Enhance individual capability </p><p> Understand cultural </p><p>intelligence </p><p>36 </p><p>Global Leadership Development Program </p></li><li><p>Global Leadership Development Program 2017 </p><p> Leadership Communication Batch 1: May 17 - 19, 25 26 Batch 2: October 26 29 (Executive Residential Class) </p><p> Becoming a Strategic Global Leader September 6 8 </p><p> Specific Issue: Digital Disruption and Global Strategy </p><p> Cultural Intelligence for Global Leaders: Developing the Capability to Lead Across Culture October 2 - 3 </p><p>Potential </p><p>Executives in </p><p>2017 </p>//;rct=j&amp;frm=1&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;sa=U&amp;ved=0ahUKEwiCzuSF4MLOAhXLRY8KHVE4CUwQwW4IFzAB&amp;sig2=GexxFtiURkcM1f4KeLHrfw&amp;usg=AFQjCNF1bXTcdN_UMeo94RztPl6EFr-0OQ</li></ul>


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