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The process of German unification, the wars with Austria and France.


  • 1.Laura Ruiz Belcos4 ESO B 2011-2012

2. INTRODUCTION TheUnificationof Germanywasapatrioticprocessthat took place inthe secondhalfof the XIX centuryand finished inthecreationof the German Empire in 1871. Prior to the formationof a unified nationalstate, Germany was divided in 38 states.Among them Austria and Prusia had economic andpolitical importance. 3. ANTECEDENTS Intellectual roots:There was a Germanic world, withits language, its civilization that had beenformulated by Fichte in 1808 in hisAddresses to the German nation. Economic roots:The first step was the creation of theZollverein in 1834, a customsunion that managed to combine in a largemarket to dozens of states. 4. OTTO VON BISMARCK However,the political unificationwas madepossible byOttovonBismarck, thePrussianChancellor, combiningdiplomaticskillsand the useof force,Prussiabecamethe axis of theunifying process. Otto von Bismarck,during his last years oflife, he was called The Iron Chancellorbecause of his hard hand in the decisions ofhis country. 5. Otto von Bismarck 6. STAGES OF THE UNIT1. War ofthe Duchiesof Southern Denmark In 1864 Federico VII of Denmark died without issue, Prussia andAustriadeclared war onDenmark, whichclaimedthe duchies of Schleswig and Holstein, located in northernGermany.The German victory was fast. 7. STAGES OF THE UNIT2. Austro-PrussianWarThe differences betweenthe victorswereused byBismarckfor startinga waragainstAustria(1866).Thevictory of Prussia (Battle ofSadowa)surprised everyonebyhisspeed. 8. Battle of Sadowa(1866) 9. STAGES OF THE UNIT3. Franco-PrussianWarFinally, Bismarckwent to war withFrance,whichhe won theBattleof Sedan(1870)to.This represented theculminationofGerman unificationand the startof thesecond GermanReich, or empireled bytheKaiserFriedrich WilhelmI. 10. Franco-Prussian War