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Videogame Piracy


Retro Gamers

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Abhishek Sagi

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Game Piracy

• What is Game Piracy?

• Copying and distributing games in violation of its

EULA (End User License Agreement).

• Had existed ever since the dawn of video games.

• Today :• PC

• Consoles - PS1,PS2,PS3 ,Game Cube, Xbox & Xbox360.

• Handhelds – PSP , Gameboy , DS , iPhone etc.

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• How did piracy evolve?

• It evolved along with the technology.

• And it is growing under tremendous rate.


• Games are not released at the same time around the world.

• Inconsistent pricing at some parts of the world.

• Try the game out before purchasing it.

• Shortage of money.

19922000 200812


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How is it done?Internet: Torrents(P2P file sharing), File sharing

websites – rapid share, mega upload etc.

Huge Losses.


Game developerSold 3.6 million units on day oneDownloaded by 5million users around the world for xbox360 alone!!!

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Thomas Smith

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PC Piracy

•Since the Pc has become more accessible to the common man, piracy has become


•Copy protection has been put into place to stop the reproduction of copyrighted


•Last year the most pirated game was Modern Warfare 2 on the PC. There was thought to

have been over 4.2 million which is only 500 thousand less than the units sold in the US

and UK in the first release day. *

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Console Piracy

• Console Piracy is a large problem perhaps not as large as it

used to be.

• Mod chips. • Did you know: The original Xbox copy protection was defeated

within the first three weeks and was cracked by someone who

worked as a developer for the console.

• Compared to the PS3 this is ridiculous! It has taken

approximately four years for hackers to finally find a method to

enable pirated material to run on the PS3.

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Jeffrey Otto

Page 10: Game Piracy

Handheld Piracy Handheld Piracy cost the industry at least $41.5

Billion (£28 Billion) between 2004 and 2009.

The study was made in conjunction with Tokyo

University by checking download counts for the top

20 Japanese games at over 100 piracy sites and

recording those figures from 2004 to 2009.

Neglected iPhone and iPod Touch and reasons behind


The total figure might be inaccurate due to how it

was calculated

Page 11: Game Piracy

iPhone and iPod TouchPiracy rate over 80% for some iPhone


Piracy combated by releasing for free or ad

supported then offering extra content later

for a price

Not all developers are concerned with the

level of piracy because they don't know how

much they’re losing

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Sony PSPPiracy on the PSP has been a significant problem since it

was released

Developers have abandoned it due to high piracy levels

Sony have stated in many interviews that they are aware

of the piracy issues on PSP and try to patch holes in

security with firmware updates

PSP Go disables ability to remove or replace battery to try

and cut down on “Pandora's battery” hack

Bundling SOCOM with a code needed to play online to

encourage people to buy a copy similar to EA's Online


Page 13: Game Piracy

Conclusion• Piracy cant be completely incinerated but can

be reduced.

• Games on PC are on a verge of extinction.

• Consoles and Handheld soon to follow PC


• Immediate steps should be taken to minimize

piracy .

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Thank you.