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Together we will achieve more! Since the beginning of NIFF we have grown with the support of cinema friends and a lot of voluntary work. Today we are the biggest digital film festival in the Southeast Europe and the only Festival with state-of-the-art digital cinema equipment with 3D capabilities. In order to continue offering culture in action we need your support. We discover young creators from Greece and 23 countries of Southeast Europe in the framework of the "SEE Talents!" action. We offer them a chance to express themselves, we assist them to make their own works and share their stories with the world! We need the support of all the friends of cinema. Become a supporter of our cause today. Support us! Support cinema!


  • ten years.action.for culture.

  • The biggestdigital cinemafilm festivalin SoutheastEurope.

  • The biggestdigital cinemafilm festivalin SoutheastEurope.

    The only festival in Greece and the Balkans with complete state-of-the-art digital cinema infrastructure with 3D capabilities.

  • The biggestdigital cinemafilm festivalin SoutheastEurope.

    The only festival in Greece and the Balkans with complete state-of-the-art digital cinema infrastructure with 3D capabilities.

    The biggest short films festivalin Greece.

    The most efficientcultural institutionin the greek county.

  • at a glance

  • NIFF takes place annually since 2004.

    In five days of screenings more than 200 films are presented. The films belong to fiction, animation, experimental, Digital View South East Europe (Youth and Student Films) and Movile (mobile phone films) categories.

    Every year, 100 to 150 volunteers, ages 16 to 30, enthusiastically support the Festivals smooth operation.

    The audience attends all shows and parallel events free of charge.

    The Festival is organized by the civil not-for-profit company entitled Naoussa International Film Festival.

    It was planned and created by young locals who desired to resurrect Naoussa society.

    The organizing company Naoussa International Film Festival has been certified for its operational capacity and its action is co-funded by the European Union.

  • Aroundthe screenings

  • Parallelevents

    / Concerts by youth music bands/ Exhibitions: photography, sculpture, comics, graffiti / Seminars, workshops, conferences/ Tributes to national cinematographies / Child and Cinema theater, selected films screenings, educational programmes/ Book and cinema/ Competitions

    / Activities for the environmental sensitization of the public/ Reduction of the energy imprint of the Festival with the use of renewable energy sources and energy production by the audience!/ Realization of special events for people with dissabilities/ Financial support of university students [in collaboration with the Holy Metropolis of Veria & Naoussa]

    Actionsof socialresponsibility

  • New actions / NIFF Cinema Radio NIFFs web radio is on its way! Exclusive cinema musicavailable to everybody, every time, everywhere!

  • New actions / NIFF Cinema Radio NIFFs web radio is on its way! Exclusive cinema musicavailable to everybody, every time, everywhere!

    / I love cinema!Ten years of Naoussa International Film Festival! Ten years of exciting cinema! More than 1500 films from 70 countries! We celebrate the ten years of NIFF and we are gathering the best of the previous editions of NIFF in one luxurious Blu-ray collection! The box will contain a photo booklet with the most amazing moments of Naoussa International Film Festival and a CD with original music scores from the selected films of the anniversary tenth Naoussa International Film Festival!

    We love cinema! Do you?

  • S!

  • S.E.E. Talents!

  • S.E.E. Talents![South East Europe Talents]

  • S.E.E. Talents! A new cinema institution in Southeast Europe

    An instrument for culture and development

  • The Southeast European countries have a very limited audiovisual production address to small markets and audience, face lack of economic resources, dont exploit the new technologies and consequently they present asymmetrical higher costs at every stage related to cinema activity (education, shooting, film production, distribution and promotion). As a result they have very few chances to access the advanced countries in cinema creation.

    Nowhere at this vast area of Balkans and European East exists an international institution or organization responsible for the common promotion of the local cinema production at the big markets of West Europe and USA.

    Even in countries were there has been noted cinematographic progress (Greece, Poland, Turkey, Russia, etc.) the link between theory and practice is inadequate and the margins for international collaborations between young creators are least.

  • What is S.E.E. Talents!

  • Every year, 25 selected young creators, (film schools seniors and graduates) from 23 countries, of all specializations/majors, will gather at the School of Aristotles, near Naoussa, to make cinema.

    With the realization of seminars, workshops, screenings, round-tables and the guidance of internationally renowned cinema professionals and academicians, will learn more for the art of Cinema, get known and collaborate.

    With the encouragement and the funding of SEE Talents they will be organized as a multinational team of contributors and will produce three films each year in the broader region of Central Macedonia.

  • The films created each year will premier at NIFF and later distributed at the big cinema markets in favor of the participating creators and SEE Talents institution.

    For the purpose of promoting the event will be organized special screenings, conferences, seminars and roadshows at 23 countries targeting a population of over 80 million citizens.

  • The goalsof S.E.E. Talents

    Who are benefited

    / To support cinema research and education and provide financial, technical and advisory assistance to young creators/ To support the cinema creation in countries with limited audiovisual production through the provision of film promotion services/ To promote collaboration in the broader region of Southeast Europe

    / The young filmmakers- education, networking, production/ The citizens of the regions countries culture, tourism, cross-borders relations, development/ Greece as a source of ideas, know-how, and international collaboration

  • Funding needs The estimated amount of the total expensesof SEE Talents is 189.000 euro.

    1st PHAsEGraphic design, Promotion, Hosting,Speakers, Personnel Costs 95.000

    2st PHAsEFilm production, Film promotion, Distribution 94.000

  • Why SEE Talents at NIFF?

  • Because NIFF can do it!

  • Because we have the international relations in Europe and the USA, because we have bonds we the

    filmmakers, because we love cinema actively for over ten years now.

  • Because NIFF works.

  • Because since the first NIFF in 2004 that presented 28 Greek films,

    the Festival grew, presenting 240 films from 50 countries in its ninth edition

    in 2012.

  • Because in its nine editions NIFFhas presented more than 1600 films

    from 1500 directors from 70 countries.

  • Because NIFF invests!

  • Because NIFF is the only festival that invested in infrastructure by investing

    in state-of-the-art digital cinema technology equipment.

  • And because all of these were achieved with volunteer work soaked in joy and

    enthusiasm as it best suits cinema, youth creation and thirst for novelty.

  • aoussa International Film Festival

    more international, more cinema

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